All Eyes on the AFL Trade Period: McKay, Duursma, and Anderson's Moves RevealedAFLTradePeriod,McKay,Duursma,Anderson,Moves,Revealed
All Eyes on the AFL Trade Period: McKay, Duursma, and Anderson's Moves Revealed

All Eyes on the AFL Trade Period: McKay, Duursma, and Anderson’s Moves Revealed

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## AFL Trade Period: Ben McKay, Xavier Duursma, Lachie Schultz in the Spotlight on Day Two

*By Dean Bilton*

*Posted 3h ago*

Welcome back to our live coverage of the AFL trade period. Day one brought us some surprises, with Lachie Schultz requesting a trade from Fremantle and Tom Doedee securing pick 19 as a free agent. But the real excitement is just beginning, as today we await the AFL’s decision on the compensation pick for Ben McKay, who is set to move to Essendon. This decision will have a significant impact on the rest of the trade period, as many future deals are contingent on the outcome of the McKay case.

## The State of Play

Here’s where things currently stand on some of the key storylines:

1. Essendon has lodged paperwork to acquire free agent Ben McKay, but North Melbourne is awaiting confirmation of the compensation pick they will receive. If it isn’t pick three, North Melbourne will match Essendon’s offer.
2. Lachie Schultz has requested a trade to Collingwood, but Fremantle is expected to play hardball in any potential deal.
3. Xavier Duursma has requested a trade to Essendon.
4. Sydney is working on deals to bring in Taylor Adams and Brodie Grundy.
5. Port Adelaide has work to do in securing deals for Esava Ratugolea, Brandon Zerk-Thatcher, and Jordan Sweet.

## Thoughts on Ben McKay Compensation

The official confirmation that Ben McKay will receive pick three as compensation has raised some eyebrows and sparked frustration among fans. It’s reasonable to question whether pick three is an appropriate compensation for McKay‘s move to Essendon. It highlights the need to revisit the free agency system and consider adjustments. The fact that clubs actively want their players to leave in order to receive higher compensation suggests that the system has lost sight of its original purpose. There are also concerns that the compensation formula has not taken into account the increase in player salaries. These issues need to be addressed to ensure fairness and balance in the trade period.

## Potential Winners of the Trade Period

At this early stage, it appears that Sydney, Essendon, and Port Adelaide could come out as the biggest winners of the trade period. Sydney’s potential recruits Taylor Adams and Brodie Grundy would complement their already strong midfield. Essendon has the opportunity to secure Ben McKay, Jade Gresham, and Xavier Duursma, putting themselves in a strong position to compete for a finals spot next year. Port Adelaide has targeted defenders to strengthen their team after their defense faltered during last year’s finals. Esava Ratugolea, Brandon Zerk-Thatcher, Jordon Sweet, and possibly Ivan Soldo could address their defensive weaknesses. While Sydney may currently seem like the front-runners, there are still many surprises and deals to be made, so we must wait and see how the trade period unfolds.

## The West Coast Dilemma

The West Coast Eagles are facing a dilemma regarding whether to trade away their top pick or not. While it’s difficult to determine what would be an acceptable offer, the Eagles should not settle for anything less than a remarkable offer. If they want to secure Harley Reid, they should demand both of North Melbourne’s picks two and three. Even if North ends up with pick 11 from Gold Coast, picks two and 11 would not be enough for the Eagles. The Eagles should be cautious and hold out for the best deal possible. However, given the negotiations with North Melbourne, it is likely that the Eagles will settle for a lesser deal, which may not be the best decision for their future success.

## The Impact of Damien Hardwick at Gold Coast

The Gold Coast Suns’ focus during this trade period has been on maximizing their draft haul by trading their high draft picks and relying on their academy prospects. Damien Hardwick, the new coach of the Suns, has expressed confidence in the current list and seems content to prioritize the draft picks they already have. However, it’s still early in his tenure, and it’s safe to assume Hardwick is already busy making moves behind the scenes. While he may not be actively seeking new players, he has likely given the go-ahead for potential departures, including Mabior Chol, Chris Burgess, and possibly Elijah Hollands. Hardwick’s impact on list selection at the Suns will become clearer as the trade period progresses.

## Richmond’s Priorities

The main priority for Richmond during this trade period is to secure a deal for Jacob Koschitzke from Hawthorn. The Tigers are currently negotiating with Hawthorn, who are asking for a top-25 pick for the key forward. Although there is still some haggling to be done, Koschitzke would be a valuable addition to the Tigers’ squad. Another situation to monitor is Ivan Soldo’s potential move to Port Adelaide. Richmond is reluctant to let him go, but the outcome is still uncertain. All eyes will be on these negotiations to see how they unfold.

## The Bulldogs’ Pick Swap Risk

Concerns have been raised regarding the pick swap that the Bulldogs made yesterday, particularly in relation to the Father/Son prospect Jordan Croft. While Croft has yet to officially nominate the Bulldogs as his preferred destination, it is highly likely that he will eventually commit to the club. However, if he doesn’t, it would be a significant setback for the Bulldogs. The team must have absolute confidence in Croft’s decision before making such a trade. Without Croft’s commitment, the trade could backfire, leaving the Bulldogs in a difficult position.

## Draft Spotlight: Daniel Curtin

With our continued series on key names in this year’s draft, we turn our attention to Dan Curtin. Curtin, who hails from Western Australia, is considered one of the brightest prospects in the draft. He is a versatile player, capable of playing as a key-position player or moving into the midfield. His deadly left foot and ability to slow down the game make him a dangerous player. However, there are question marks regarding his position in the AFL. While he has the potential to become a key-position defender or a Jordan Dawson-like midfielder, there is not enough evidence to determine his ultimate position. Regardless, Curtin is a highly skilled and professional player with the potential for a successful AFL career.

## Hawthorn’s Path to Pick One

It seems unlikely that Hawthorn will acquire pick one from West Coast, especially after North Melbourne secured pick three. Hawthorn’s offer of pick four and a future first-round pick may not be enough to entice the Eagles. Furthermore, the fact that pick four now comes after both of North Melbourne’s picks puts Hawthorn at a disadvantage. If the Eagles decide to trade pick one, it is highly probable that it will end up with North Melbourne.

## A Potential North Melbourne Draft Haul

If North Melbourne retains picks two and three, they are expected to select Colby McKercher and Dan Curtin. McKercher and Curtin are both highly regarded prospects, with McKercher being a dangerous midfielder and Curtin showing potential as a key-position defender. Alternatively, Zane Duursma and Dan Curtin could be the chosen duo. Duursma is an electric goal-kicker, while Curtin’s versatility and leadership attributes make him an appealing option. North Melbourne’s strong draft hand puts them in an advantageous position, and they have the opportunity to make some shrewd selections.

## Trade Period Continues

As we move into day two of the trade period, the excitement and anticipation build. With key decisions on the horizon, including the compensation for Ben McKay, each deal and trade has the potential to shape the future of AFL. Stay tuned for more updates, analysis, and discussion as the trade period progresses.


All Eyes on the AFL Trade Period: McKay, Duursma, and Anderson
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