Anthony Mundine Sets Sights on Confrontation with Voice Advocate: A Fierce Battle Between Boxing Legend and Indigenous Rights Activistwordpress,AnthonyMundine,VoiceAdvocate,confrontation,boxinglegend,indigenousrightsactivist,fiercebattle
Anthony Mundine Sets Sights on Confrontation with Voice Advocate: A Fierce Battle Between Boxing Legend and Indigenous Rights Activist

Anthony Mundine Sets Sights on Confrontation with Voice Advocate: A Fierce Battle Between Boxing Legend and Indigenous Rights Activist

Boxer Anthony Mundine Challenges Voice Campaigner Thomas Mayo to a Fight


In the midst of escalating tensions between the “Yes” and “No” camps surrounding the Voice campaign, boxer Anthony Mundine has issued a challenge to Voice advocate Thomas Mayo for a boxing match. Mundine, a vocal supporter of the “No” camp, expressed his desire to “beat up” Mayo in a video shared on social media. This confrontation stems from a dispute over Mayo’s heritage and connection to the land, with Mundine accusing him of not using his real surname and lacking traditional bloodline ties to Darwin. Mayo, however, has refuted these claims and has been actively campaigning for the Voice, contributing to the development of the Uluru Statement from the Heart in 2017.

The Dispute

Mundine’s challenge to Mayo reveals the deep divisions within Australian society regarding the Voice campaign. Mayo, who was born in Darwin and has described his heritage as a mix of Torres Strait Islander, Filipino, Bornean, Polish, Jewish, and English, became a prominent advocate for the Voice after his involvement in the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

Mundine, a three-time boxing world champion and cousin of a face of the “No” campaign, expressed his disdain for Mayo’s claims of Indigenous heritage and accused him of breaking tribal lore. These accusations have resulted in a heated exchange between the two individuals, with Mundine publicly calling for the boxing match to take place in the coming weeks.

Mayo’s Heritage

Mayo has clarified his heritage, stating that his father is from the Torres Strait Islands and his great, great grandfather immigrated from the Philippines. This ancestor married a local woman in the Torres Strait, cementing Mayo’s connection to the region. On his mother’s side, Mayo’s ancestry includes English, Irish, and Polish roots.

To honor his ancestors and their heritage, Mayo changed his surname from Mayor to Mayo in 2022. He explained that a priest from a previous generation had altered the spelling of the family name, and he decided to revert to the original spelling.

The Impact

The clash between Mundine and Mayo highlights the significance of individual identity and heritage within the context of Indigenous rights activism. The Voice campaign seeks to empower Indigenous Australians by giving them a formal voice in the political decision-making process. However, this controversy has exposed how deeply rooted issues of identity and heritage are within the broader conversation.

Mundine’s challenge to Mayo not only demonstrates the personal attacks that can arise from opposing viewpoints but also reveals the underlying tensions that need to be addressed in reconciling Australia’s colonial history with its Indigenous population.

Editorial: A Call for Respectful Dialogue

While it is understandable that passionate disagreements may arise during discussions of important sociopolitical issues like the Voice campaign, it is crucial that these conversations be approached with respect and empathy. Personal attacks and confrontations, such as the one between Mundine and Mayo, hinder constructive dialogue and divert attention away from the fundamental issue at hand.

In order to move forward as a nation, it is essential that all stakeholders engage in respectful and open conversations about Indigenous rights and self-determination. Indigenous Australians have long been marginalized and silenced, and the Voice campaign seeks to rectify this historical injustice. Resorting to physical confrontation detracts from the progress that can be made through peaceful, informed discussions.

Advice: Focusing on the Bigger Picture

As Australians, it is our collective responsibility to educate ourselves and engage in meaningful dialogue regarding Indigenous rights and the Voice campaign. By acknowledging the diverse perspectives within our society, we can empathetically address the historical and ongoing injustices faced by Indigenous peoples.

Individuals who find themselves in positions of influence, like Anthony Mundine and Thomas Mayo, should strive to lead by example and promote respectful conversations that foster understanding. This can include attending forums, reading literature by Indigenous authors, and listening to the experiences and perspectives of Indigenous Australians.

It is important to remember that the goal of the Voice campaign is to create a more inclusive and just society. By promoting respectful dialogue and actively supporting Indigenous rights, we can contribute to the broader fight for social justice and reconciliation in Australia.


Anthony Mundine Sets Sights on Confrontation with Voice Advocate: A Fierce Battle Between Boxing Legend and Indigenous Rights Activist
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