Breaking the Mold: Unraveling the Future of Collingwood with President Jeff Browne in the 2023 E.W. Copeland Trophy.wordpress,Collingwood,JeffBrowne,E.W.CopelandTrophy,future,president
Breaking the Mold: Unraveling the Future of Collingwood with President Jeff Browne in the 2023 E.W. Copeland Trophy.

Breaking the Mold: Unraveling the Future of Collingwood with President Jeff Browne in the 2023 E.W. Copeland Trophy.

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Celebrating Collingwood‘s Historic Achievement

A Night of Appreciation and Reflection

On behalf of the Collingwood Football Club, it gives me great pleasure to formally welcome everyone to the 2023 E.W. Copeland Trophy dinner. This evening is a celebration of the impressive achievements of our players and a moment to express our gratitude to all those who have contributed to our Club’s 16th premiership.

An Unforgettable Week

This past week has been truly historic for our beloved Club. From the commitment of our coaches and football department to the unwavering support of our sponsors and partners, every individual has played an essential role in our success.

Our Senior Coach Craig McRae has revolutionized the role of an AFL coach and has spearheaded the resurgence of our football program. Under his leadership, our team has embraced an exciting brand of football that showcases their natural flair and empowers them to take on any challenge. Craig and his support team have been instrumental in shaping the winning culture that we now proudly embody.

A Player’s Spirit and Dedication

The players, both on and off the field, deserve immense praise for their resilience, passion, and unwavering dedication. They have embodied the spirit of Collingwood and have made us proud with their commitment to the black-and-white stripes.

Every player, be it the stars of the team or those who have supported from the sidelines, has contributed meaningfully throughout the season. Their unity, belief, and infectious smiles as they walk up that race inspire us all. It is through their hard work and determination that we have achieved this remarkable victory.

Acknowledging Unsung Heroes

The Unseen Efforts of the Board Members

As we celebrate the players and their accomplishments, it is equally important to acknowledge the efforts of the unsung heroes behind the scenes. Our Club’s board members, Jodie Sizer, Paul Licuria, Christine Holgate, Barry Carp, RenĂ©e Roberts, Paul Tuddenham, and Chief Executive Craig Kelly, have dedicated countless hours to steer our Club in the right direction. Their commitment and expertise have brought stability and unity, ensuring the success of our Club.

The Backbone of Collingwood: Our Club Staff

Furthermore, our Club staff, who work tirelessly to keep Collingwood running smoothly and with tremendous energy, deserve special recognition. Their unwavering dedication and passion for our Club are invaluable and contribute to the unity and success we have achieved.

Unity and Passion: The Collingwood Way

A Collective Phenomenon

The unity within our Club, from the Board level to the coaches, players, staff, and supporters, is truly remarkable. This unity, combined with our shared love and passion for Collingwood, has enabled us to succeed and create an environment where our athletes can excel. It drives us to continuously improve in all areas, from our men’s and women’s programs to our wheelchair team and community initiatives.

The Magpie Army: Heart and Soul

We cannot underestimate the power and importance of our incredible 19th player, the Magpie Army. The support we receive from our loyal fans, whether cheering from the stands or from afar, fuels our determination and inspires our players. This season, we witnessed an astonishing 1.7 million people attending Collingwood games, and 106,470 supporters becoming members, a VFL/AFL record. In our three finals matches alone, the average attendance was 96,775. The Collingwood chant echoed through the stadiums, igniting a fire in our courageous players.

Furthermore, we celebrate a unique achievement in the history of our great game, as father and son, Peter and Darcy Moore, captained in a Grand Final. This remarkable feat is a testament to the legacy of Collingwood and the bond that exists within our Club.

Enriching the Legacy of Collingwood

A Premiership for the Members and Supporters

This premiership is a triumph not only for the players and staff but also for our Members and supporters. It stands as a testament to what we can achieve when we are united, well-led, and committed to enriching the unique legacy that is Collingwood.

Tonight, as we gather to celebrate and show our appreciation for the outstanding achievements of our players, let us remember that they have become icons, forever etched into the rich fabric of our mighty Club.

In conclusion, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone involved in Collingwood Football Club – from the players and coaches to the board members, staff, and passionate supporters. It is our unity, spirit, and collective determination that have propelled us to this momentous victory. Floreat Pica – may the mighty Magpies flourish.


Breaking the Mold: Unraveling the Future of Collingwood with President Jeff Browne in the 2023 E.W. Copeland Trophy.
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