Brisbane Lions: A Premiership on the Horizon for Fagan?brisbane-lions,premiership,chris-fagan
Brisbane Lions: A Premiership on the Horizon for Fagan?

Brisbane Lions: A Premiership on the Horizon for Fagan?

‘Not the Chris Fagan we know’: Leigh Matthews lauds Brisbane grand final coach after ‘ridiculous’ accusations

In a stunning turnaround, Brisbane Lions coach Chris Fagan, who took a leave of absence from the club following allegations of mistreatment, will now lead his team in the grand final against Collingwood. This remarkable comeback has been praised by AFL legend Leigh Matthews, who commends Fagan’s resilience and ability to lead his team to this important match.

Adverse Findings and the Weight on Fagan’s Shoulders

Matthews, who coached Brisbane to three premierships in the early 2000s, spoke highly of Fagan’s ability to compartmentalize his life amid the Hawthorn racism allegations. With no adverse findings made against Fagan, Matthews believes that the coach’s ability to successfully navigate such a challenging situation speaks to his strength and character. However, Matthews also acknowledges the burden that Fagan must have carried during this time.

“The Chris Fagan we know, this is not the Chris Fagan we know”

In describing Fagan’s character, Matthews highlights the likability and positive impact that Fagan has on everyone he interacts with. This sentiment is echoed by Lions young gun Will Ashcroft, who shares a laugh with Fagan in a photo. Fagan’s influence extends beyond the players and staff, as he has instilled a sense of enthusiasm and unity within the club.

Fagan’s Leave of Absence and the Club’s Response

Fagan took a leave of absence from the Lions last year after being named in an ABC report regarding the mistreatment of Aboriginal players during his time at Hawthorn. Matthews explains that the decision for Fagan to step away temporarily allowed the club to navigate the uncertain situation. Ultimately, as the allegations were deemed to be unfounded, Fagan was able to return to his coaching duties.

Cam Rayner and the Team’s Support for Fagan

Cam Rayner, who will be playing in his first grand final, expressed his admiration for Fagan’s leadership. Rayner believes that Fagan’s decision to step down during the investigation allowed the team to focus on their collective goals and work through the challenges together. Rayner’s sentiments are echoed by the entire team, who appreciate Fagan’s positive and open approach.

Looking Forward to the Grand Final

Rayner emphasizes that the team is excited to play for Fagan in the grand final, acknowledging the remarkable year they have had under his guidance. Brisbane will face Collingwood in the grand final, and the players are determined to win not only for themselves but also to provide Fagan with a sense of relief and satisfaction.

In conclusion, Chris Fagan’s resilience and ability to lead through adversity have earned him respect and admiration from both former players like Leigh Matthews and his current team. The grand final will be a testament to Fagan’s leadership and the unity he has fostered within the Brisbane Lions club.


Brisbane Lions: A Premiership on the Horizon for Fagan?
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