"Bullying Allegations Claim Victory: Tasmania's Attorney-General Sacked, What's Next?"bullyingallegations,Tasmania,Attorney-General,sacked,next
"Bullying Allegations Claim Victory: Tasmania's Attorney-General Sacked, What's Next?"

“Bullying Allegations Claim Victory: Tasmania’s Attorney-General Sacked, What’s Next?”

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Tasmania‘s Attorney-General Sacked over Bullying Allegations, Will Leave Parliament

The Allegations

The Tasmanian Premier Jeremy Rockliff has made the decision to sack the state’s Attorney-General, Elise Archer, following allegations of bullying and belittling. These allegations were raised by at least two staff members, which prompted an independent inquiry into the matter.

Leaked text messages, where Archer referred to Premier Rockliff as “gutless,” further added fuel to the fire surrounding these allegations. The severity of the claims prompted Rockliff to ask Archer to resign from cabinet, and it has been reported that she plans to also resign from parliament and as the Member for Clark.

A Culture in Need of Change

Rockliff has made it clear that he believes a change in culture is needed in Tasmania, starting with improvements in leadership and accountability. He stated, “I cannot accept a culture of belittling or a culture where people are not valued or respected for the work they do.”

This statement raises important questions about workplace culture and the role of leaders in fostering an environment of mutual respect. Bullying and belittling behavior not only create a toxic work environment but also have detrimental effects on individuals’ mental health and job satisfaction.

Implications for Tasmania and Politics

Archer’s sacking has occurred against the backdrop of a larger discussion on workplace conduct, particularly in politics. The #MeToo movement and various high-profile cases of bullying and harassment have brought attention to the need for accountability and transparency in political institutions.

While the allegations against Archer are specific to Tasmania, they reflect broader concerns about the prevalence of bullying and inappropriate behavior in politics. It is crucial that political leaders set a positive example and hold themselves and their colleagues accountable for their actions.

A Call for Reform

The sacking of the Attorney-General highlights the need for structural and cultural reforms within the political landscape. Politicians must create an environment that fosters respect, inclusivity, and accountability. This requires implementing clear guidelines and consequences for inappropriate behavior, as well as establishing independent mechanisms for reporting and addressing complaints.

Additionally, political leaders should prioritize diversity and representation, as studies have shown that diverse teams lead to better decision-making and reduced incidences of bullying and harassment.


The sacking of Tasmania‘s Attorney-General, Elise Archer, following allegations of bullying and belittling, sheds light on the broader issue of workplace conduct in politics. It is essential that leaders set a positive example and create a culture of respect and inclusivity. Structural reforms are necessary to address this problem and ensure accountability for inappropriate behavior. By prioritizing diversity and fostering a safe working environment, political institutions can work towards a healthier and more productive workplace for all.


"Bullying Allegations Claim Victory: Tasmania
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