Colin Fassnidge stands up for victorious duo Prabha and Radha on MKRColinFassnidge,PrabhaandRadha,MKR,MyKitchenRules,Victoriousduo
Colin Fassnidge stands up for victorious duo Prabha and Radha on MKR

Colin Fassnidge stands up for victorious duo Prabha and Radha on MKR

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Celebrity Chef Colin Fassnidge Defends MKR Winners Prabha and Radha

My Kitchen Rules (MKR) judge Colin Fassnidge took to Instagram to defend the winners of the popular cooking competition show, Prabha and Radha, after receiving racial negative comments on his page. Fassnidge stated that he would not stand for such behavior, emphasizing that it is just a cooking competition and not a matter of life and death.

A Victory Worth Celebrating

The grand final of MKR 2023 was a thrilling and nail-biting event, with Prabha and Radha emerging as the champions. The twin sisters impressed the judges, Manu Feildel, Colin Fassnidge, and Nigella Lawson, with their culinary prowess and received high praise for their dishes. Their win not only brought them fame and recognition but also a life-changing $100,000 prize.

Expressing their gratitude, Prabha shared their excitement and appreciation, stating that they are about to fulfill one of their biggest dreams. Radha added that she is extremely proud of her twin sister, and their victory is a testament to their hard work and dedication.

A Journey Filled with Challenges

Prabha and Radha’s victory did not come easily. The competition was grueling, with nine teams competing in the Instant Restaurant round before the field was narrowed down to seven teams at MKR Kitchen Headquarters. Finally, only two teams remained in the grand final: Team VIC and Team NSW. Predictions were split 50/50 on which team would emerge as the winners.

Before unveiling the scores, Colin Fassnidge spoke to both teams and commended their efforts. He encouraged them to be proud of what they had achieved, as they had served exceptional food throughout the competition. With each judge awarding a score out of 10 for each menu, a total of 30 points were up for grabs. In the end, Prabha and Radha secured a score of 27, while Nick and Christian, the runners-up, earned a score of 25.

Editorial: Celebrating Diversity and Combating Racism in the Culinary World

The racial negative comments directed towards Prabha and Radha, the winners of MKR 2023, are not only disheartening but also reflective of the underlying discrimination that exists in our society. It is essential to address and challenge such attitudes to create an inclusive and welcoming culinary industry.

The culinary world, with its diverse and rich heritage, showcases the beauty of different cultures and their cuisines. It is through embracing this diversity that we can truly appreciate and learn from one another. Prabha and Radha’s victory is not only a celebration of their culinary talent but also a testament to the power of embracing different cultural influences in the kitchen.

As Colin Fassnidge rightly pointed out, it is crucial to remember that a cooking competition is not a matter of life and death. Instead of focusing on divisive and negative comments, let us celebrate the achievements of these talented individuals who have dedicated themselves to their craft.

Advice: Promoting Inclusion and Appreciation in the Culinary World

To combat racism in the culinary world and promote inclusion, it is necessary for individuals, organizations, and society as a whole to take concerted efforts. Here are a few steps we can take:

  • Education and Awareness: Encourage learning and understanding of different cultures and cuisines. Promote diversity in culinary education and training programs.
  • Celebrating Diversity: Embrace different culinary traditions and food cultures. Promote events, competitions, and TV shows that showcase the richness and beauty of diverse cuisines.
  • Representation Matters: Ensure that diverse voices and faces are represented in culinary media, including TV shows, magazines, and cookbooks.
  • Supporting Local Businesses: Celebrate and support restaurants, cafes, and food businesses that promote diversity and inclusion.
  • Engage in Open Dialogue: Encourage discussions about diversity, cultural appropriation, and inclusivity in the culinary industry. Listen to different perspectives and learn from one another.

By taking these steps, we can promote a more inclusive and welcoming culinary world that appreciates and celebrates the diversity of talent, flavors, and cultures.


Colin Fassnidge stands up for victorious duo Prabha and Radha on MKR
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