"Diverse Voices Down Under: Ray Martin Advocates for Voice to Parliament Referendum"DiverseVoices,DownUnder,RayMartin,Advocacy,VoicetoParliament,Referendum
"Diverse Voices Down Under: Ray Martin Advocates for Voice to Parliament Referendum"

“Diverse Voices Down Under: Ray Martin Advocates for Voice to Parliament Referendum”

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Voice to Parliament Referendum: TV icon Ray Martin says ‘d**kheads and dinosaurs’ Australians will vote no


In a recent event in Sydney’s inner west, veteran TV journalist Ray Martin expressed his strong views on Australians who plan to vote “no” in the Voice to Parliament Referendum. Martin, who is of indigenous heritage, labeled those who oppose the referendum as “d… heads and dinosaurs.” This outburst occurred during a Yes rally on September 28, held at Marrickville’s Factory Theatre in Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s electorate of Grayndler. Martin’s remarks highlight the deeply divided opinions and strong emotions surrounding the debate on constitutional recognition and representation of Indigenous Australians.


Martin’s choice of words may have been strong, but they reflect the frustration and impatience felt by many Indigenous Australians who have long been fighting for equitable representation. The Voice to Parliament Referendum proposes to establish a mechanism that allows Indigenous Australians to have a say in the laws and policies that directly affect them. This initiative is seen by proponents as a crucial step towards reconciliation and correcting historical injustices.

However, the referendum also faces opposition from some Australians who argue that it could create a separate class of citizens and undermine the principle of equality before the law. Critics also express concerns about the potential for division and the complexity of implementing such a mechanism. This opposition may stem from a variety of reasons, including political ideologies, fears of cultural favoritism, or a preference for alternative solutions to address Indigenous disadvantage.

The Importance of Dialogue

While Martin’s choice of words was inflammatory, it is crucial to recognize that open and honest discussions are essential in order to find common ground and address the concerns of all Australians. The referendum debate should not devolve into name-calling, but rather focus on understanding diverse perspectives and seeking workable solutions.

Philosophical Implications

At the heart of the Voice to Parliament Referendum is the question of whether Australia, as a constitutional democracy, can ensure equal representation and participation for all its citizens. This debate goes beyond practical considerations and delves into the realm of political philosophy and the nature of democratic governance.

For proponents of the referendum, the Voice to Parliament is seen as a necessary step towards recognizing the unique history and ongoing challenges faced by Indigenous Australians. It aligns with principles of self-determination and seeks to address the power imbalances that have persisted since colonisation.

On the other hand, opponents argue that existing structures, such as regional councils or parliamentary committees, are more appropriate for addressing Indigenous issues without creating a separate entity. They emphasize the importance of maintaining a unified nation, where all citizens are equal under the law.

Editorial Opinion

The Voice to Parliament Referendum raises complex and nuanced questions about the relationship between Indigenous Australians and the Australian state. It is crucial for Australians to engage in informed and respectful discussions about how to achieve reconciliation, justice, and equal representation.

While Martin’s comment about those who vote “no” was undeniably disrespectful and unhelpful, it serves as a reminder of the intensity of emotions involved in this debate. It also underscores the need for empathy, understanding, and a commitment to dialogue from all sides.


As Australians consider their stance on the Voice to Parliament Referendum, it is essential to engage in conversations that go beyond political slogans and personal attacks. Seek out reliable information, listen to a range of perspectives, and approach discussions with an open mind.

The referendum presents an opportunity to address historical injustices and move towards a more inclusive and equitable society. Australians should thoughtfully consider the implications of their vote and engage in respectful conversations that prioritize listening and understanding.

Ultimately, the decision rests with the Australian people, and it is important that each voter feels informed and empowered to make a choice that aligns with their values and vision for the nation’s future.


"Diverse Voices Down Under: Ray Martin Advocates for Voice to Parliament Referendum"
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