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Dodging the "Real Deal": Uncovering the Excuses behind Tszyu's Elusive Opponents

Dodging the “Real Deal”: Uncovering the Excuses behind Tszyu’s Elusive Opponents

The Elusive Opponents: Tszyu and the Dodging Dilemma


In the world of boxing, the pursuit of glory and recognition often takes unexpected turns. This is precisely the case for Australian boxing sensation Tim Tszyu, who has found himself on the receiving end of what some would call a dodging dilemma. Tszyu, the current mandatory challenger for Jermell Charlo’s super welterweight titles, was left in the cold when Charlo decided to move up two weight divisions to face Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez for the undisputed super middleweight world titles. This unexpected twist has raised questions about the motivations behind Charlo’s decision and the broader issue of fighters avoiding tough challenges.

The “Excuses” Theory

Two-time welterweight world champion Shawn Porter has not shied away from expressing his views on the Charlo-Tszyu situation. Porter, a keen observer of Tszyu’s fights, believes that Charlo simply did not want to face the formidable Australian boxer. He argues that Charlo’s decision to face Alvarez instead of defending his titles against Tszyu is rooted in fear and a desire to avoid a potentially tough match-up. Porter points to Charlo’s long layoff and the weight difference between the two fights as possible reasons for his decision.

Dodging or Strategy?

Porter’s theory raises an important question about the motivations behind boxers’ decisions. Is it a matter of dodging tough opponents or simply a strategic move? While some critics may see Charlo’s decision as a refusal to face a formidable challenger, others may argue that it is a calculated move to cash in on a big-money bout against Alvarez. Moving up in weight class to challenge a renowned champion like Canelo can be seen as a strategic move to elevate one’s career and financial prospects.

The Risk and Reward Equation

Boxing, like any other sport, is a calculated risk. Fighters must weigh the potential rewards of a high-profile match against the risks it entails. Moving up in weight class, as Charlo has done, carries its own set of challenges. It requires adjusting to a different weight, potentially facing opponents with more power, and taking on opponents who are naturally bigger. While Charlo may be an underdog in his upcoming fight against Canelo, his decision to take on this challenge demonstrates his willingness to test himself against the best.

Editorial: Facing the Real Deal

The Essence of Boxing

At its core, boxing is a sport of grit, determination, and overcoming adversity. It is about facing the best and proving oneself in the ring. In an era where big-money fights and carefully crafted records seem to take precedence, it is refreshing to see fighters like Tim Tszyu who are willing to step into the ring with anyone and prove their worth. Tszyu’s skill, discipline, and talent are undeniable, and it is a shame that he has been left waiting for his shot at glory in the super welterweight division.

The Importance of Challenging Oneself

Boxing, like life, is about growth and pushing one’s limits. The great champions of the past have always sought out tough challenges and formidable opponents. It is by facing the best that boxers truly become legends. While it is understandable for fighters to make strategic moves and seek out lucrative opportunities, it is essential not to lose sight of the essence of the sport. True greatness is achieved by overcoming adversity and proving oneself against the best competition.

Advice: Moving Forward

The Tszyu-Charlo Rematch

The possibility of a Tszyu-Charlo match-up in the future hangs in the balance. Charlo has expressed the intention to return to his former division after the fight with Canelo, opening the door for a potential showdown with Tszyu. Australian fans and the boxing world at large would undoubtedly relish the opportunity to witness these two talented fighters go head-to-head. Should Charlo choose to defend his super welterweight titles against Tszyu, it would not only be a test of their skills but also a testament to their courage and willingness to face the best.

Changing the Boxing Landscape

The issue of fighters dodging tough challenges is not unique to the Tszyu-Charlo situation. It is a broader issue that needs addressing in the boxing community. Promoters, trainers, and fans should value the essence of the sport and encourage fighters to take on tough opponents rather than opting for safe fights. By doing so, we can create a culture of true champions who are willing to face adversity and test themselves against the best.

In conclusion, the Tszyu-Charlo situation raises questions about the motivations behind boxers’ decisions and the importance of facing tough challenges. Shawn Porter’s theory on Charlo’s decision to face Canelo instead of defending his titles against Tszyu sparks discussions about dodging opponents and strategic moves. Ultimately, the essence of boxing lies in facing formidable opponents and challenging oneself. It is important for the boxing community to prioritize the thrill of the sport and encourage fighters to take on tough challenges. Only then can we witness true greatness inside the ring.


Dodging the "Real Deal": Uncovering the Excuses behind Tszyu
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