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Eastwall and AOG Join Forces to Supercharge Clinical AI Initiatives in Healthcare

Eastwall and AOG Join Forces to Supercharge Clinical AI Initiatives in Healthcare

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Partnership between Eastwall and AOG to Accelerate Clinical AI Strategies through Microsoft Azure

Denver-based company Eastwall, a Microsoft Solution Partner specializing in Azure consulting and cloud engineering in healthcare, has announced a new partnership with Asher Orion Group (AOG), a leader in regulated medical device technology and AI/ML innovation. The alliance aims to advance healthcare technology services by integrating AOG‘s specialized clinical AI strategies with Eastwall‘s comprehensive Microsoft Azure solutions.

Creating a Seamless Bridge between Clinical AI Strategies and Azure Solutions

The collaboration between Eastwall and AOG brings together the worlds of clinical and technical healthcare design. By seamlessly integrating AI into the clinical environment with the support of Microsoft Azure, both companies aim to provide innovative and secure AI solutions for healthcare use-cases.

John F Kalafut, Ph.D., Co-Founder and CEO of AOG, emphasizes the importance of combining scientific, engineering, and clinical insights with Eastwall‘s expertise in Azure to create valuable and compliant AI solutions for healthcare. Glenn Mate, Co-Founder and CEO of Eastwall, recognizes the necessity of well-architected frameworks and cloud adoption models in the rapidly evolving field of healthcare and life sciences.

AI-Enabled Healthcare through Azure: The Cornerstone of the Partnership

The partnership between Eastwall and AOG centers around leveraging Microsoft Azure’s AI capabilities to enhance healthcare services. The collaboration focuses on several key areas:

Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Through Azure AI

AOG‘s expertise in developing clinical imaging workflows finds a technical partner in Eastwall. By utilizing Azure’s platform and AI services, the partnership aims to facilitate confident and precise diagnoses and pathway decisions. Azure’s robust computing power allows for real-time processing of complex imaging algorithms, expediting the clinical decision-making process.

Predictive Analytics for Clinical Pathways

AOG‘s ability to optimize clinical pathways, combined with Azure’s unparalleled data analytics and AI solutions, will assist healthcare organizations in developing predictive and personalized treatment plans. Azure’s AI tools can analyze vast amounts of data to identify trends, probabilities, and outcomes, presenting them through user-friendly dashboards and point-of-care applications.

AI Regulatory Compliance

Navigating the complex landscape of healthcare compliance can be challenging. Eastwall‘s expertise in customizing Azure’s native compliance capabilities ensures that healthcare organizations can integrate and deploy AOG‘s advanced AI and machine learning strategies while maintaining regulatory standards. This alignment is essential for healthcare apps deployed in the cloud, safeguarding compliance and data security.

Customized Patient Experiences

The Azure AI platform, combined with AOG‘s clinical insights, can enhance personalized patient experiences. Azure’s computational, automation, and security features enable targeted care plans, automated reminders, and predictive health monitoring to improve patient outcomes.

Seamless Data Integration and Interoperability

For AI to have a significant impact, it must seamlessly integrate with existing healthcare information systems, databases, and clinical applications. Azure’s extensive data integration capabilities make it an ideal platform for implementing AOG‘s AI-driven healthcare solutions, ensuring interoperability and accessibility of healthcare data.

Scalability and Futureproofing

The partnership capitalizes on Azure’s cloud infrastructure, providing inherent scalability to deploy AOG‘s solutions at scale. This advantage is crucial for healthcare systems that need to expand or contract based on demand. Azure’s focus on innovation also ensures that future advancements in AI can be quickly incorporated into AOG‘s offerings.

Conclusion: Leveraging Azure AI for Healthcare

The partnership between Eastwall and AOG represents a transformative fusion that empowers the healthcare sector to fully harness the potential of clinical AI through Microsoft’s Azure platform. By combining technical expertise with clinical insights, the collaboration offers comprehensive AI solutions that address critical gaps in healthcare, from cloud adoption to advanced AI applications. As healthcare continues to evolve, leveraging Azure AI can drive meaningful impact, enhance patient care, and improve outcomes.

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Eastwall and AOG Join Forces to Supercharge Clinical AI Initiatives in Healthcare
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