"From near paralysis to defiance: Klim's inspiring journey to reclaim mobility"inspiringjourney,reclaimmobility,paralysis,defiance,Klim
"From near paralysis to defiance: Klim's inspiring journey to reclaim mobility"

“From near paralysis to defiance: Klim’s inspiring journey to reclaim mobility”

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Olympian Michael Klim Urges Plasma Donors as He Fights Rare Disorder

The Story

Australian Olympic champion Michael Klim has called for more plasma donors as he battles a rare neurological disorder. Diagnosed with chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP) in 2020, Klim relies on an army of 30 plasma donors every six weeks to receive intravenous immunoglobulin infusions (IVIg) that slow the progression of his condition. Without these infusions, Klim faces chronic pain and the threat of paralysis. As an ambassador for Australian Red Cross Lifeblood, Klim is urging Australians to become plasma donors, highlighting their crucial and life-changing impact.

The Need for Plasma Donors

Plasma donations have become increasingly important in Australia, surpassing blood donations in demand. Every day, over 6200 plasma medications and transfusions are sent to hospitals across the country. As Klim‘s treatment requires up to 32 plasma donations per IVIg session, the need for donors is evident. Australian Red Cross Lifeblood has set a goal of recruiting 9000 new blood and plasma donors in October to meet rising demand.

Klim‘s Journey and Message

Reflecting on his diagnosis, Klim emphasizes the importance of donors, stating that one in three Australians will require some form of treatment that relies on blood donation, yet only one in 30 donate. He shares that he “almost lost the ability to walk unaided and lost the majority of muscles” in his legs before receiving IVIg treatment. Klim‘s message resonates with his own experience, as he believes plasma donation is “crucial and life-changing.” Despite still needing a walking stick, Klim has regained much of his functionality and is determined to make a difference for other Australians suffering from CIDP through his newly launched Klim Foundation.

Editorial and Advice

Klim‘s journey and advocacy shine a light on the vital role that plasma donors play in transforming lives. His resilience and determination to reclaim his mobility are inspiring, reminding us of the power of community support. It is crucial for Australians to understand the impact of their donations and realize that their contribution can be life-changing for individuals like Klim.

To meet the increasing demand, Australian Red Cross Lifeblood appeals to individuals to consider donating plasma. Plasma contains antibodies that help fight infections and diseases, making it a valuable resource for treating over 50 serious medical conditions. The process involves a special machine drawing blood from the arm, separating the plasma, and returning the rest of the blood to the body. Donations can be made every two weeks, and it may take up to 15 donations to make a single dose of some plasma medicines.

Australians interested in donating can visit the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood website (lifeblood.com.au) to determine their eligibility and find donation centers across the country. By becoming a donor, Australians can play a crucial role in saving lives and improving the quality of life for individuals facing challenging medical conditions.


Michael Klim‘s journey serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of plasma donations for individuals with rare disorders. His advocacy and resilience inspire us to help others overcome their challenges by becoming plasma donors. By contributing to the rising demand for plasma, Australians can make a tangible difference in the lives of those battling debilitating conditions. Let us heed Klim‘s call to action and support Australian Red Cross Lifeblood in their quest for 9000 new blood and plasma donors this October.


"From near paralysis to defiance: Klim
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