"Israel's Apartheid Regime in the West Bank: Unmasking the Cycle of Everyday Violence"israel,apartheid,westbank,regime,everydayviolence
"Israel's Apartheid Regime in the West Bank: Unmasking the Cycle of Everyday Violence"

“Israel’s Apartheid Regime in the West Bank: Unmasking the Cycle of Everyday Violence”

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Injustice and Apartheid: Israel‘s Rule in the West Bank

Apartheid in Al-Khalil

Al-Khalil (Hebron) in the West Bank serves as a stark example of the apartheid system that exists in Palestine. The city is divided into two zones, with Palestinians living in Zone H1 and Israeli settlers residing in H2. The presence of Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) in H2 not only fails to prevent settler violence against the Palestinian population but actually shields the settlers from accountability. The result is a system of discrimination and oppression that permeates every aspect of daily life for Palestinians.

Military Presence and Checkpoints

In Al-Khalil, the military presence is evident with numerous military bases, checkpoints, and roadblocks throughout the city. Palestinians face restricted movement, making even simple commutes a time-consuming and challenging task. Palestinian businesses have been forced to close, and many homes have been left uninhabited due to occupation and intimidation by settlers. The IDF’s presence not only hampers daily life but also perpetuates a sense of fear and vulnerability among Palestinians.

Resisting through Existence

Despite the challenges they face, Palestinians like Zuleikha, who lives in Al-Khalil, choose to resist by simply existing. Zuleikha’s refusal to leave her home and her determination to demonstrate the presence of her people are acts of resistance in themselves. For her, the knowledge that she is on the right side of history outweighs the hardships inflicted on her by the Israeli state.

The West Bank’s Occupation

To fully understand the impact of the occupation on Palestinians, it is crucial to examine the martial law and land division enforced by Israeli authorities. Israeli Military Orders 101 and 1651 disproportionately target Palestinians, subjecting them to administrative detentions without trial or a predetermined release date. Palestinians living in Areas A, B, and C experience different forms of occupation, with Palestinians living in Area C being the most vulnerable to settler violence and eviction.

Ethnic Cleansing and Dehumanization

The expansion of Israeli settlements in the West Bank, such as those encircling the village of Zenouta, erases Palestinian history and displaces families who have lived on the land for generations. The lack of protection from the Israeli army and the differential treatment between Palestinians and Israeli settlers demonstrates a clear devaluation of Palestinian lives. The Israeli Supreme Court, within the Hebron region, further perpetuates this unequal treatment, allowing settlers to accuse Palestinians without proper scrutiny.

Apartheid and Diplomacy

The apartheid-like system that exists in the West Bank is increasingly recognized by international observers. The recent revelations by former Mossad chief Tamir Pardo and the statements made by Israeli minister Itamar Ben-Gvir highlight the segregationist ideology at play. Despite these acknowledgments, the Israeli government continues to pursue diplomatic agreements, such as with Saudi Arabia, that prioritize its interests over the rights and well-being of Palestinians.

Conclusion: Seeking Justice in Palestine

The situation in the West Bank, particularly in cities like Al-Khalil, is a painful reminder of the injustices inflicted on the Palestinian people. It is imperative that the international community recognizes and condemns the apartheid system that exists in Palestine and works towards a just and peaceful resolution. Supporting Palestinian rights, calling for an end to settlements, and advocating for equal treatment under the law are key steps in this journey towards justice.


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