"Kelvin Kiptum's Sensational Triumph: Smashing the Chicago Marathon World Record!"kelvinkiptum,sensationaltriumph,chicagomarathon,worldrecord
"Kelvin Kiptum's Sensational Triumph: Smashing the Chicago Marathon World Record!"

“Kelvin Kiptum’s Sensational Triumph: Smashing the Chicago Marathon World Record!”

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Kelvin Kiptum sets new world record at Chicago Marathon, beating the previous mark by 34 seconds

In a sensational triumph, Kelvin Kiptum of Kenya has broken the world record at the Chicago Marathon, finishing in 2 hours and 35 seconds, surpassing the previous mark set by fellow Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge by a remarkable 34 seconds. This remarkable feat comes on the heels of Tigist Assefa of Ethiopia shattering the women’s world record in the Berlin Marathon just a month ago.

The New Era of ‘Super Shoe’

This new record and other recent marathon records have coincided with the advent of a new era in running shoes, often referred to as the ‘super shoe.’ These shoes, which are said to provide athletes with an extra advantage due to their unique design and technology, have been a major contributing factor to the surge of new records in marathon running. With their one-race-only limitation, these shoes have raised questions about the integrity and fairness of the sport.

Unfavorable Conditions and Women’s Record

In addition to the influence of the ‘super shoe,’ the favorable weather conditions in Chicago played a significant role in Kiptum’s victory. The cool and cloudy weather provided optimal conditions for a marathon, enabling Sifan Hassan of the Netherlands to win the women’s race in an impressive time of 2 hours, 13 minutes, and 44 seconds, which is the second-fastest ever recorded for a woman at that distance. It is worth noting that Tigist Assefa of Ethiopia had recently shattered the women’s world record by more than two minutes in Berlin.


The breaking of marathon records has sparked a debate among sports enthusiasts and experts regarding the impact of technological advancements, such as the ‘super shoe’, on the integrity of the sport. While it is undeniable that these advancements have pushed athletes to new heights and shattered previous records, the question remains whether this newfound success is solely attributable to the athlete’s skill and training or if external factors have come into play.

Marathons have always been a test of endurance, willpower, and the human spirit. The challenge lies in conquering the 42.195 kilometers without any artificial aids or advantages. With the introduction of the ‘super shoe’ and its undeniable impact on achieving faster times, some argue that the essence of the sport is being compromised. It raises questions about fair competition and whether new records hold the same significance as those achieved without such technological aids.

There is a fine line between embracing innovation and preserving the authenticity of a sport. While it is important to acknowledge advancements that push the boundaries of human capabilities, it is crucial to maintain the fundamental principles that define the sport. Striking a balance between technological progress and maintaining the purity of athletic competition is essential for the longevity and integrity of the marathon.


For aspiring marathon runners and enthusiasts, it is important to put these record-breaking achievements into perspective. While it is undoubtedly inspiring to witness athletes continuously pushing the limits of what is considered possible, it is important not to lose sight of the underlying values and principles of the sport.

Focusing on personal growth, physical fitness, and mental resilience should remain the core motivations for participating in marathons. Regardless of technological advancements or the pursuit of record-breaking times, the true essence of the sport lies in the individual journey, the overcoming of personal challenges, and the sense of achievement that comes from crossing the finish line.

As fans and supporters of marathon running, let us celebrate the exceptional athletic performances while also ensuring that the integrity and authenticity of the sport are safeguarded for future generations.


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