"Latest AFL Trade Period Updates: McKay, Duursma, and Smith on the Move"afl,tradeperiod,updates,mckay,duursma,smith
"Latest AFL Trade Period Updates: McKay, Duursma, and Smith on the Move"

“Latest AFL Trade Period Updates: McKay, Duursma, and Smith on the Move”

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AFL Trade Period: Ben McKay, Xavier Duursma, and Lachie Schultz in the Spotlight

By Dean Bilton

Monday, 9 October 2023

The AFL trade period is well underway, and there are several players attracting attention as they aim to secure moves to new clubs. Ben McKay, Xavier Duursma, and Lachie Schultz are among the players hoping to make a move during this trade period. This article provides live updates, analysis, and discussion on the latest news surrounding the trade period.

Who Will Come out on Top?

One reader asks, “What team do you believe will come out of this trade period gaining the best players/performance?” At this early stage, the three biggest candidates would be Sydney, Essendon, and Port Adelaide. Sydney has the opportunity to recruit Taylor Adams and Brodie Grundy, which would complement their talented midfield. Essendon has already secured Ben McKay, but if they can also acquire Jade Gresham and Xavier Duursma, they could drastically improve their chances of making it to the finals next year. Port Adelaide, on the other hand, has focused on improving their defense, targeting defenders such as Esava Ratugolea and Brandon Zerk-Thatcher. Overall, if everything goes as expected, Sydney might be the biggest winners. However, there are still many surprises that could unfold during the trade period.

West Coast’s Decision to Trade Pick One

A reader asks, “How much would it take for it to be worth it for West Coast to trade away the top pick?” It’s difficult to say precisely because West Coast has been tight-lipped about what offer would be special enough for them to consider trading the pick. However, if I were West Coast, I would demand a substantial offer in exchange for Harley Reid, a highly-rated prospect who could greatly benefit the team. I would ask for both of North Melbourne’s pick two and three. If North Melbourne refuses, which they probably should, West Coast should confidently select Reid. Even if North Melbourne ends up with pick 11 from Gold Coast, I don’t believe that picks two and 11 alone would be enough for West Coast. If I had to guess, West Coast might eventually settle for a lesser deal, but I believe that would not be in their best interest.

Impact of Damien Hardwick at the Suns

A reader asks about the impact Damien Hardwick is having on list selection at the Suns. Given Hardwick’s comment that he believes the Suns already have 80% of a premiership list on their books, it appears that he is content with the draft picks the Suns already have. Although he may have approved potential moves for players such as Mabior Chol, Chris Burgess, and potentially Elijah Hollands, it seems that Hardwick is primarily focused on utilizing the draft picks to build a strong team. While Hardwick is still settling into his role at the Suns, it is expected that he will continue to be active in shaping the team’s future.

Richmond’s Priorities

A reader asks about Richmond’s plans during the trade period. The main priority for the Tigers is to secure a deal for Jacob Koschitzke from Hawthorn. Hawthorn is asking for a top-25 pick for Koschitzke, but negotiations are ongoing. Additionally, there is uncertainty surrounding the potential transfer of Ivan Soldo to Port Adelaide. Richmond is reluctant to let Soldo go, but the situation is still evolving.

A Bulldogs Gamble?

A reader raises concerns about the Bulldogs’ pick swap strategy with Jordan Croft in mind. They ask if there is a chance that Croft does not nominate the Dogs, which could potentially backfire on the trade deal. While it is true that Croft has not officially nominated as a father-son option for the Bulldogs, his public comments suggest that he is open to playing for the team. Despite the possibility that breaking into the Bulldogs’ key forward position may be challenging, it is expected that Croft will eventually commit to the Bulldogs. If he does not, it would be a significant setback for the Bulldogs. However, given Croft’s positive comments about the Bulldogs, it is unlikely that the trade will backfire.

Draft Spotlight: Daniel Curtin

Continuing the series on key names in this year’s draft, Daniel Curtin is the focus in this segment. Curtin is a versatile player, able to play as a key-position player or move into the midfield. While his ability as a center-half-back in the AFL is uncertain, his skills as a rebounding defender make him a valuable asset. Alternatively, Curtin has the potential to become a Jordan Dawson-esque midfielder with strong leadership abilities. He is a highly professional player and likely to be drafted in the top five.

Hawthorn’s Path to Pick One

A reader inquires about Hawthorn’s chances of acquiring pick one from West Coast. Given North Melbourne’s recent acquisition of pick three, it is unlikely that Hawthorn will be able to obtain pick one. While Hawthorn could offer pick four and a future first-round pick, West Coast is unlikely to find this offer appealing. Additionally, since pick four follows North Melbourne’s selections, Hawthorn may miss out on key draft prospects. If West Coast does decide to trade pick one, it is expected that the pick will go to North Melbourne instead.

A Potential North Draft Haul

A reader asks about the players North Melbourne is likely to draft if they retain picks two and three. The most probable scenario is that North Melbourne will select Colby McKercher and Dan Curtin, or they may choose Zane Duursma and Dan Curtin. Curtin’s potential as a key-position defender makes him an attractive prospect for North Melbourne, while McKercher offers midfield depth. Either way, North Melbourne will have a strong draft hand and will likely make wise choices in the draft.

Carrying On with the Live Blog

A reader wonders if the live blog will continue for the entirety of the trade period. The commentator confirms that they will be present throughout the trade period and express their appreciation for the kind comment.

Port Adelaide’s Ruck Bonanza

A reader asks for thoughts on Ivan Soldo potentially joining Port Adelaide, either in addition to Jordon Sweet or as an alternative if the offer to the Bulldogs falls through. While Port Adelaide is interested in Soldo, their primary focus is on acquiring Jordon Sweet. Bringing in two ruckmen who both expect to be in the best 22 would require tough decisions regarding the future of players like Scott Lycett, Sam Hayes, and Jeremy Finlayson. While Soldo would likely be the best ruckman at Port Adelaide, the question remains whether he is a priority given Sweet’s engagement and the need for capital to complete other deals. If feasible, however, having both players would be a significant advantage for Port Adelaide.

St Kilda, Essendon, and Jade Gresham

A reader asks about St Kilda’s expectations for a potential trade involving Jade Gresham. It seems that Essendon is actively working on crafting a contract offer that would prevent St Kilda from matching and thus force a trade. A likely outcome is that St Kilda would receive pick 21 as compensation, which would be similar to the compensation received by Adelaide for Tom Doedee’s departure. St Kilda will need to evaluate if they are satisfied with this compensation or if they want to negotiate for a better deal.

Thoughts on Ben McKay Compensation

A reader expresses their frustration about the compensation pick three for Ben McKay‘s move to Essendon, considering it excessive. While it is understandable to feel that way, there is not much that can be done about it. This situation highlights the need for adjustments to the free agency system, as clubs may begin to encourage their players to leave in order to receive higher compensation. Additionally, there is speculation that the compensation formula was established prior to the new AFL CBA, which could explain some of the surprising compensation packages.

Freo Prepared to Keep Schultz

Peter Bell, Fremantle’s general manager, has stated that the club understands Lachie Schultz’s desire to explore a return home to Victoria but cannot guarantee a trade will be completed. Schultz is a contracted player, and the club has emphasized his value and importance to the team. Therefore, there is a possibility that Schultz will continue playing for Fremantle next year, seeing out his contract. However, Fremantle is aiming for a first-round pick for Schultz and is also looking to secure an early second-round pick from St Kilda for Liam Henry.

The Draft Class of 2023

A reader asks about the depth of this year’s draft class. The commentator expresses their opinion that this draft class is not as deep as previous years. While there are notable prospects at the top of the draft, the overall depth is weaker due to the influence of academy and father-son players in the early picks. The top prospects include Harley Reid, Jed Walter, Colby McKercher, Zane Duursma, Ethan Read, Dan Curtin, Nick Watson, Ryley Sanders, and Connor O’Sullivan. It is expected that teams will be willing to trade selections in this draft for future picks, and fewer than 50 players may be selected in the national draft.

A Pivotal Win for North Melbourne

The commentator reflects on the importance of North Melbourne’s win against Gold Coast in the last round of the season. The win elevated North Melbourne’s draft position, potentially allowing them to acquire picks one and two. However, the loss prevented Gold Coast from finishing last and acquiring the first pick. The result has significant implications for various clubs and trade deals. It remains to be seen if North Melbourne will attempt to obtain pick one from West Coast or explore other trade strategies.

AFL Confirms McKay Compensation

The AFL has officially confirmed that Ben McKay is heading to Essendon, and North Melbourne will receive pick three as compensation. This trade deal will have a significant impact on the rest of the trade period, as many future deals are contingent on the outcome of the McKay case.

State of Play in the Trade Period

The trade period is well underway, and here is a summary of key storylines:

  • Essendon has lodged paperwork to acquire Ben McKay, pending the determination of compensation for North Melbourne.
  • Lachie Schultz has requested a trade to Collingwood, but Fremantle may not guarantee a trade if they do not receive a satisfactory offer.
  • >Xavier Duursma has requested a trade to Essendon.

  • Sydney is working on deals for Taylor Adams and Brodie Grundy.
  • Port Adelaide is interested in acquiring Esava Ratugolea, Brandon Zerk-Thatcher, and Jordon Sweet.

"Latest AFL Trade Period Updates: McKay, Duursma, and Smith on the Move"
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