"Paradise Lost: The Heartbreaking Farewell of the Saunders Family"ParadiseLost,HeartbreakingFarewell,SaundersFamily
"Paradise Lost: The Heartbreaking Farewell of the Saunders Family"

“Paradise Lost: The Heartbreaking Farewell of the Saunders Family”

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Heartbreaking Farewell: Saunders Family Loses Beloved Briagolong Home in Gippsland Bushfires


In the devastating wake of the recent Gippsland bushfires, the Saunders family of Briagolong has suffered an unimaginable loss. Their beloved mudbrick home, which had stood proudly for nearly a decade, was destroyed in the fierce blaze that tore through the region. The Saunders were given no warning of the approaching fire, leaving them with no choice but to hastily flee their property, leaving behind cherished possessions and memories.

A Little Piece of Paradise

Nestled in the picturesque foothills of the Victorian Alps, the Saunders’ home was their sanctuary for almost a decade. Constructed using mud bricks and timber beams, the house was perfectly integrated into the local environment, centered around a majestic tree. The family had poured their heart and soul into creating their little piece of paradise, and it was a place of solace and joy for them.

This Was Our Happy Place

For Lily Saunders, growing up in Briagolong meant growing up in a home filled with love and happiness. The loss of the house has brought on a rollercoaster of emotions for her. She fondly recalls the family’s time spent in their haven, away from the realities of the world. To her, it was more than just a house; it was a symbol of her parents’ hard work and a testament to the life they had built together.

An Unforeseen Tragedy

Rob Saunders, still stunned by the sudden turn of events, reflects on the summer months always making him anxious. He had fears about the bush drying out, but believed that the fire breaks constructed by authorities would provide sufficient protection. Unfortunately, his worst fears were realized when he received the devastating news that his home had been completely destroyed. Upon returning to the property, he was met with the sight of utter devastation – nothing was left of his former abode.

A Glimmer of Hope Amidst the Ashes

In the aftermath of the fire, the Saunders family experienced a glimmer of hope amidst the destruction. As they sifted through the charred remains, they stumbled upon a box of family photographs that miraculously survived. It was a poignant reminder of the memories they had created in their now-gone home.

The Road to Recovery

As the Saunders family begins the arduous process of rebuilding their lives, they are faced with the daunting task of rebuilding their home. Contacting their insurance company is the first step, followed by determining their next move. For now, they have sought refuge with a relative, grateful for their safety and the fact that they are alive.

A Message of Support and Resilience

The story of the Saunders family serves as a reminder of the strength and resilience of Australians in the face of adversity. As communities across Gippsland band together to support one another, it is crucial that we offer our support as well. This devastating loss should ignite a sense of urgency in preparing for future bushfires and ensuring that we have robust emergency response systems in place.


The loss of the Saunders family’s home in the Gippsland bushfires is a heartbreaking reminder of the destructive power of nature. It is a testament to the importance of being prepared and diligent in our efforts to protect our communities from the devastating effects of bushfires. As the Saunders family rebuilds their lives and their home, it is essential that we come together as a nation to support them and learn from their experience. Ultimately, we must strive to create a future where no family loses their little piece of paradise to the unforgiving flames of a bushfire.


"Paradise Lost: The Heartbreaking Farewell of the Saunders Family"
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