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The Battle for Betting Autonomy: Joe Rogan's Conviction on Freedom of Choice

The Battle for Betting Autonomy: Joe Rogan’s Conviction on Freedom of Choice

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Joe Rogan Defends Freedom of Choice in Sports Betting

Alex Berenson’s Concerns About Legalized Sports Betting

In a recent conversation with podcaster Joe Rogan, journalist Alex Berenson expressed his concerns about the proliferation of legalized sports betting and iGaming. Berenson argued that consumers may not be able to handle the choices presented to them, especially when it comes to gambling on their smartphones. He compared the current situation to a time when gambling was limited to Las Vegas and dealing with potentially dangerous individuals.

Legalization and the Rise of the Betting Industry

Since the Supreme Court’s decision in 2018 to strike down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, legal sports betting has seen significant growth. The industry’s revenue reached $7.5 billion in 2022, a nearly 75 percent increase from the previous year, and experts predict that it will surpass $40 billion by 2030. While legalization has created above-board markets for otherwise illicit activities, Berenson believes it has not done enough to eliminate the shady elements that have long characterized the industry.

The Importance of Informed Choice in a Safe Marketplace

Berenson contends that there must be a middle ground between regulated betting markets and the risks associated with illegal gambling. Informed consumers deserve the opportunity to make choices for themselves in a safe marketplace. While the industry is currently in a state of rapid growth, it is crucial to weed out bad actors and enforce regulations to protect players from addictive practices.

The Principle of Freedom and the Role of Government

The Hypocrisy of Monopolized Lotteries

Berenson raises an interesting point about the hypocrisy of state governments that monopolize lotteries while prohibiting other forms of gambling. These government-run lotteries often rely on lower-income Americans, who make up the majority of ticket buyers, and generate billions of dollars in revenue. While these programs claim to protect the public and fund education and addiction support, they also restrict individual freedom and choice.

Prohibitionists and Controlling Behavior

Berenson also highlights the issue of prohibitionists who seek to control various behaviors they deem harmful or morally wrong. While excessive gambling can have negative consequences, prohibiting it entirely does not address the underlying issues. Instead, resources should be allocated to promoting sound decision-making, providing robust addiction treatment, and creating a civil society that helps high-risk individuals avoid destructive behavior.

The Virtue of Choice and Promoting Individual Responsibility

While gambling may not be recommended, it is a leisure activity enjoyed by many people. The focus should be on allowing individuals to make their own choices without the threat of force or interference. By promoting resources for addiction treatment and fostering a society that values responsible decision-making, we can strike a balance between freedom and protecting individuals from harm.


Joe Rogan’s defense of the principle of choice in sports betting raises important questions about individual freedom and the role of government. While excessive gambling can be harmful, it is crucial to foster a safe and regulated marketplace that allows informed consumers to make their own decisions. Prohibition is not the solution, but rather an approach that focuses on education, addiction treatment, and responsible behavior can help create a society that upholds individual autonomy while addressing the potential risks associated with gambling.


The Battle for Betting Autonomy: Joe Rogan
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