"The Resplendent Return of the Muse: Iconic Soprano Reignites the Stage"ResplendentReturn,Muse,IconicSoprano,Stage
"The Resplendent Return of the Muse: Iconic Soprano Reignites the Stage"

“The Resplendent Return of the Muse: Iconic Soprano Reignites the Stage”

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Resplendent Return of Iconic Soprano to the Stage

By | October 10, 2023


Star soprano Sarah Brightman, renowned for her role as Christine Daae in “Phantom of the Opera,” is set to make a triumphant return to musical theatre after 34 years. Brightman, both the originator and inspiration for the character Christine, will take on a new challenge in a production of “Sunset Boulevard” in Australia. This debut season will commence at Melbourne’s Princess Theatre before moving on to Sydney, showcasing Brightman’s enduring talent and versatility.

A Profound Character

“Sunset Boulevard” centers around the captivating story of Norma Desmond, a star from the silent film era who, as time passes, clings to the belief that she has not faded into obscurity. Brightman was initially surprised when offered the opportunity to star in this revamped production. However, it was the complexity and darkness of the character of Desmond that enticed her. Brightman remarked, “Psychologically, the character is what she is, and I just found that a really interesting thing to veer towards.”

Personal Reflection

Taking on the role of Norma Desmond at this point in her career holds great significance for Brightman. She sees it as an opportunity to interweave her own experiences and empathize with the challenges faced by aging performers. Contemplating the future, she ponders the limited physical longevity of an artist’s career, stating, “You’re thinking about how things are going to be in the future, how much future you do have … and also the thought that at some point, it’s not going to be there anymore because you can only go on physically for so long.”

A Haunting Reality

Desmond’s character eventually descends into madness due to the drastic changes in her social status. Brightman reflects on the poignant reality experienced by several actresses during that era, who hid away in isolation and likely battled depression after being reduced from stardom to obscurity. Although Brightman is not at that stage in her career, she can empathize with the emotional toll it could take.

Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone

Despite her absence from musical theatre for an extended period, Brightman is unfazed by her return. She sees it as a chance to explore new territories and expand her artistic range. While she didn’t miss the theater during her concert tours, the opportunity to portray a character like Desmond seemed age-appropriate and inevitable. Brightman affirms, “It just seemed that it was my destiny.”

A Lasting Muse

Recalling her most iconic role as Christine in “Phantom of the Opera,” Brightman reminisces on her connection to the character and the significance it held in her personal life. Written during her relationship with Andrew Lloyd Webber, the musical was born out of their shared passion and love. Brightman regards the role as a reflection of their profound connection, stating, “The role was written totally out of passion and love.” And soon, Brightman will once again grace the stage with Lloyd Webber’s compositions in “Sunset Boulevard.”

Timeless Splendor

Originally a film from 1950, “Sunset Boulevard” was adapted into a musical in 1993 by Andrew Lloyd Webber. In this new production, produced by Opera Australia and GWB, Brightman attests to the unique reinterpretation of the story while retaining its essence. Director Paul Warwick Griffin aims to capture the grandeur and aesthetics of the golden era of Hollywood, immersing the audience in a world of powerful actresses who reigned supreme in the era of film. Brightman expresses her enthusiasm for this vision, stating, “That’s what I want to see. I want to be drawn into that world of how those actresses lived.”


Sarah Brightman’s return to the stage in “Sunset Boulevard” marks a momentous occasion for musical theatre enthusiasts. With her remarkable talent and personal journey infused into her performances, Brightman continues to inspire and captivate audiences with her resplendent voice. Audiences can look forward to witnessing the twilight of one era and the rise of another, as the talented soprano embraces her destiny on the Australian stage.

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"The Resplendent Return of the Muse: Iconic Soprano Reignites the Stage"
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