"The Ultimate Guide to Catching the AFL Grand Final Parade"afl,grandfinal,parade,ultimateguide,catching
"The Ultimate Guide to Catching the AFL Grand Final Parade"

“The Ultimate Guide to Catching the AFL Grand Final Parade”

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Australian Football League (AFL) Grand Final Parade Returns to Land

A Brief Recap

The Australian Football League (AFL) has decided to bring back the tradition of a grand final parade on land, after last year’s parade on the Yarra River did not meet expectations. This year, the players from the Collingwood Magpies and Brisbane Lions will travel in utes through Melbourne, providing a closer connection between the fans and players.

The New Route

The parade will commence at Melbourne Park, adjacent to Rod Laver Arena, before making its way through the city and along the Yarra River. The player convoy will then turn at Birrarung Marr, cross the William Barak Bridge over the train tracks, and conclude at the MCG precinct. The final leg of the trip will see the convoy zigzag through Yarra Park, ending at a stage near gate three at the MCG.

Watching the Parade

There are numerous vantage points along the parade route where fans can catch a glimpse of their favorite players. Pedestrian pathways from the tennis precinct at Grand Slam Oval to Birrarung Marr and the MCG provide ample opportunities for spectators. Additionally, a cube-shaped platform with screens on each side at the starting oval will offer a unique 360-degree view for another 10,000-15,000 fans. The Footy Festival zone to the north of the MCG will also be a popular live site. For those who are unable to attend, Fox Footy will broadcast the event from 10.30am.

Schedule and Participants

The parade will commence at 10.30am on Friday, lasting for two hours before concluding with the teams taking the stage at Yarra Park. All players from both teams, along with coaches Chris Fagan and Craig McRae, are expected to be on the trip. The captains, Dayne Zorko and Darcy Moore, will hold the premiership cup aloft after the teams are presented on-stage. AFL website confirms the presence of Charlie Curnow, the Coleman medallist, in the parade as well.


Connecting Fans and Players

The decision to bring back the parade on land demonstrates the AFL‘s commitment to enhancing fan experience and bringing them closer to the game. By opting for motorcade through Melbourne, fans will have a better opportunity to see their favorite players up close and share in the excitement of the grand final. This move also reflects the importance of tradition in the AFL and the desire to create memorable moments for fans.

A Changing Landscape

The parade route, starting near iconic landmarks such as Rod Laver Arena and journeying through the bustling city of Melbourne, showcases the vibrant atmosphere within which the AFL grand final takes place. It also highlights the evolving nature of the sport and its connection to the broader community. The inclusion of different viewing zones and the use of technology to enhance the spectator experience further demonstrate the AFL‘s adaptability in an ever-changing world.

Australia’s Passion for Sport

The AFL grand final parade is yet another reminder of Australia’s deep-rooted love and passion for sport. It brings communities together, unites people from different backgrounds, and allows fans and players to share in a collective celebration. The parade serves as a precursor to the highly anticipated grand final, generating excitement and anticipation among supporters.


Plan Your Spectating

For those planning to attend the parade, it is advisable to arrive early and secure a good vantage point along the route. The various live sites along the parade route, such as Birrarung Marr and the MCG precinct, offer different perspectives and atmospheres for spectators to enjoy. Consider mapping out your viewing strategy beforehand to make the most of the experience.

Get Involved in the Festivities

The AFL Footy Festival zone near the MCG is not to be missed. Be sure to explore the activities, food stalls, and entertainment on offer before or after the parade. This area provides an opportunity to immerse yourself in the grand final atmosphere and engage with fellow fans.

Don’t Forget the Broadcast

If you are unable to attend the parade in person, make sure to tune into the broadcast on Fox Footy from 10.30am. This will allow you to experience the excitement and energy of the parade from the comfort of your own home. Gather friends and family together to cheer on your favorite teams and players.

In conclusion, the AFL grand final parade is set to captivate fans and players alike, providing a unique opportunity to celebrate the sport and connect with the community. Whether you watch it in person or from afar, make sure to embrace the spirit of the occasion and enjoy this iconic Australian sporting tradition.


"The Ultimate Guide to Catching the AFL Grand Final Parade"
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