Upton Aims for Jillaroos Debut in Super Season SurgeUpton,Jillaroos,debut,SuperSeasonSurge
Upton Aims for Jillaroos Debut in Super Season Surge

Upton Aims for Jillaroos Debut in Super Season Surge

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NRLW News: Belated Jillaroos debut the next goal in Upton‘s super season

A Remarkable Season for Tamika Upton

In a stunning display of skill and determination, Tamika Upton, the outstanding fullback for the Knights, further solidified her position as the leading player in the female game during the recent NRLW grand final win over the Titans. However, as she turns her attention to an upcoming Test debut later this month, she still holds one elusive goal: to pull on the green and gold jersey of the Jillaroos.

A Missed Opportunity in 2019

Last year, Upton suffered a frustrating calf injury that prevented her from participating in the World Cup. It was a significant loss for her and the Jillaroos, who had not played since 2019. Despite representing Queensland five times and playing nearly 30 NRLW games, Upton has yet to make her debut for the national team.

A Turning Point in the Pacific Championships

However, Upton‘s chance at an international debut is now within reach. The Pacific Championships, scheduled to kick off on October 14, presents a thrilling opportunity for the 26-year-old fullback. She has confirmed her availability for Brad Donald’s side, and it is almost certain that she will finally wear the green and gold jersey she has long desired.

The Journey to International Recognition

Upton‘s desire to represent the Jillaroos is fueled by her exceptional performance in the 2023 season. Not only did she win both the NRLW Dally M Medal and the Karyn Murphy Medal as the best on ground in the Grand Final, but she also averaged an impressive 219 meters across 11 games. This exceptional performance, coupled with her commitment to maintaining her fitness and health, makes her a valuable asset for the Jillaroos.

Building a Legacy at the Knights

As Upton basks in the glory of leading the Knights to their second consecutive NRLW title, she contemplates the possibility of achieving a three-peat next year. With key players like Yasmin Clydsdale, Hannah, and Jesse Southwell already signed on long-term deals, the Knights are positioned to maintain the core of their lineup in 2024. Upton‘s experience with the Broncos, where a strong culture contributed to their success, has influenced her efforts to create a similar environment at the Knights.

Advice for Upton‘s Debut

Upton‘s journey to her belated Jillaroos debut serves as a reminder that success does not always come easily or on schedule. It requires perseverance, determination, and a commitment to one’s goals. As the spotlight shines on Upton during the Pacific Championships, she should embrace this opportunity and play to her strengths. Her performance on the field will not only contribute to the success of the Jillaroos but also inspire other players to strive for greatness.

In conclusion, Tamika Upton‘s remarkable season and belated Jillaroos debut are testaments to the power of persistence and dedication. Her achievements serve as an inspiration to aspiring athletes, demonstrating that with hard work and unwavering commitment, dreams can be realized. As Upton takes on the international stage, all eyes will be on her, eagerly awaiting her long-awaited debut in the green and gold jersey.


Upton Aims for Jillaroos Debut in Super Season Surge
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