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9 Out of 10 Locals Agree: This Suburb Has Made Its Voice Heard

9 Out of 10 Locals Agree: This Suburb Has Made Its Voice Heard

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The Power of Voice: A Suburb that’s Made up its Mind


The Voice is a television talent show that has captivated audiences around the world with its unique format and emphasis on the power of the human voice. While opinions on the show may vary, there is one Australian suburb that has made up its mind on the Voice. The Advertiser recently conducted a survey in this suburb to gauge the community’s opinions on the popular singing competition.

The Advertiser’s Voicewagen Kombi

The Advertiser, a local newspaper in Adelaide, took their Voicewagen Kombi on a journey from the north to the west of the city to gather feedback from residents. This unique approach allowed them to directly engage with the community and get a real sense of their thoughts and opinions on the Voice.

Importance of Community Engagement

Community engagement is a vital aspect of a thriving society. It allows individuals to have a voice and be heard, which ultimately leads to a stronger and more cohesive community. By actively seeking the opinions of the residents, The Advertiser has shown a commitment to fostering a sense of belonging and involvement within the suburb.

Changing Views on the Voice

The survey conducted by The Advertiser revealed that views on the Voice have changed notably within the surveyed suburb. While opinions on the show may have been divided in the past, the majority of residents in this suburb have now formed a clear and unified opinion.

The Influence of Public Opinion

Public opinion plays a significant role in shaping society, and this is especially true in the field of entertainment. The Voice relies on the support and viewership of the public, and the opinions of the audience can greatly impact the success or failure of the show. The fact that an entire suburb has made up its mind on the Voice highlights the influence and power of public opinion.

Editorial: The Importance of Community Involvement

A Sense of Belonging

Community involvement is essential for creating a sense of belonging and connectedness within a suburb. When residents feel engaged and included in decision-making processes, it fosters a stronger sense of community pride and ownership. The survey conducted by The Advertiser showcases the positive impact that community involvement can have on shaping public opinion and bringing people together.

Encouraging Engagement

To encourage community engagement, it is crucial for local authorities, businesses, and media outlets to provide platforms for residents to voice their opinions and concerns. By actively seeking feedback and involving community members in important discussions, a suburb can create a more inclusive and representative environment.

Advice for Other Suburbs

Embrace the Power of Voice

The example set by this particular suburb should serve as inspiration for other communities. Embracing the power of voice can lead to positive change and a greater sense of community unity. By providing opportunities for residents to express their opinions and actively engaging with the community, other suburbs can learn from the success of this particular survey.

Utilize Various Platforms

In today’s digital age, there are numerous platforms available for community engagement. From social media to online forums, these platforms offer convenient ways for individuals to express their thoughts and ideas. Suburbs should consider utilizing these platforms to reach a wider audience and encourage participation.

Facilitate Discussions

Suburbs can also facilitate discussions and forums where residents can come together to share their opinions and concerns. This could be in the form of community meetings, focus groups, or even online chatrooms. These discussions can provide valuable insights and allow for a more comprehensive understanding of the community’s needs and desires.

Collaborate with Local Media

Local media outlets, such as newspapers and radio stations, play a crucial role in informing and engaging with the community. Suburbs should collaborate with these outlets to ensure that local voices are heard and represented. This can be done through interviews, opinion pieces, or even hosting community events and initiatives.


In conclusion, the voices of a suburban community have spoken loudly on their opinions of the Voice. The Advertiser’s survey highlights the importance of community involvement and the power of public opinion. By actively engaging with residents and providing platforms for their voices to be heard, suburbs can create a stronger sense of belonging and unity. Embracing the power of voice is essential for fostering a vibrant and inclusive community that thrives on the opinions and ideas of its residents.


9 Out of 10 Locals Agree: This Suburb Has Made Its Voice Heard
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