90s icons dazzle Australian crowds on opening night of tour: A blast from the past down under!90sicons,Australiantour,openingnight,blastfromthepast
90s icons dazzle Australian crowds on opening night of tour: A blast from the past down under!

90s icons dazzle Australian crowds on opening night of tour: A blast from the past down under!

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The Corrs Return to Perth to Kick Off Their Australian Tour

The Corrs, the Irish sibling band known for their 90s hits, returned to Australia on Wednesday night to kick off their Australian tour in Perth. This is their first full tour Down Under since 2001. The band was joined by fellow 90s legend Natalie Imbruglia, Toni Childs, and Aussie group Germain. The concert marked 28 years since the release of their breakthrough debut album.

A Spectacular Show with Irish Charm

The Corrs put on a spectacular show in Perth, dazzling the audience with their performance. Despite the passage of time, the band had an undeniable camaraderie and energy on stage that made it feel like they had never left their heyday in the 90s. Their chemistry was evident, and their bond as siblings helped them avoid the bitter breakups that plagued other bands of their time.

While The Corrs may not have been synonymous with “cool,” their performance exuded warmth and nostalgia. They looked like they hadn’t aged a day since the 90s, and lead vocalist Andrea Corr’s ethereal vocals resonated throughout the arena. Her rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” gave Stevie Nicks a run for her money.

The band blended their biggest hits with newer material, ensuring a balanced setlist that kept fans entertained. “What Can I Do” translated gloriously in a live setting, and the audience, who were captivated from the start, embraced the Irish charm that permeated the show.

A Challenging Reception for Natalie Imbruglia

Despite her best efforts, Natalie Imbruglia, the support act for The Corrs, didn’t quite manage to win over the audience in Perth. While her set was an hour-and-a-half, allowing her to perform her big hits, the crowd seemed in desperate need of an adrenaline shot. There was even a moment of heckling, with a man shouting, “Where are the Corrs?” during Imbruglia’s performance.

Imbruglia, however, sounded better than ever and delivered a strong performance. It was disappointing to witness such a lacklustre reception from the Perth audience. Imbruglia, in my opinion, has easily cemented her position as one of Australia’s music legends, and hopefully, the rest of Australia will give her the reception she deserves as the tour travels across the country.

The Rest of the Australian Tour

After their opening night in Perth, The Corrs’ Australian tour will continue, stopping at Bribie Island, Sydney, Newcastle, Adelaide, Launceston, and Melbourne. Fans can still purchase tickets for the upcoming shows.

Overall, The Corrs’ return to Australia after a long hiatus was a nostalgic trip down memory lane for their fans. Their performance showcased their enduring talent and musical prowess, capturing the hearts of the audience. And while the reception for Natalie Imbruglia may not have been as enthusiastic, her performance was a testament to her status as a music legend. As the tour continues, it remains to be seen how the Australian audience will receive Imbruglia, but one thing is certain: The Corrs have returned in full force, reminding us of the magic of the 90s.


90s icons dazzle Australian crowds on opening night of tour: A blast from the past down under!
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