"Avast Ye! Long John Silver's Sets Sail with Free Fish for All Mateys"avastye,longjohnsilver's,setssail,freefish,mateys
"Avast Ye! Long John Silver's Sets Sail with Free Fish for All Mateys"

“Avast Ye! Long John Silver’s Sets Sail with Free Fish for All Mateys”

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Yo-Ho-Ho Free Fish at Long John Silver’s on Talk Like a Pirate Day


Avast, me hearties! Long John Silver’s, the renowned seafood restaurant chain, be celebratin’ Talk Like a Pirate Day by offerin’ a bounty fit for a buccaneer. On Tuesday, September 19th, all mates who talk like a pirate shall be rewarded with a free piece of fish or chicken. Arrr, if ye be bold enough to dress like a true pirate, ye shall be granted a two-piece basket of fish or chicken. This special offer be walkin’ the plank at participatin’ restaurants and limited to one piece per person, per visit. Be warnin’, this loot does not include a drink and cannot be availed through online or delivery orders. So, grab yer tricorn hat, an’ let’s set sail on this adventure, me hearties!

What be Talk Like a Pirate Day?

International Talk Like a Pirate Day be a jolly jape concocted by John Baur and Mark Summers back in 1995. Every year on September 19th, mateys around the world celebrate this whimsical occasion, enrichin’ the day with the joyous language of buccaneers and swashbucklers. According to the National Day Calendar, Talk Like a Pirate Day be one of three “talking” days throughout the year. The others include National Talk Like Shakespeare Day on April 23rd and National Talk in an Elevator Day on the last Friday in July. Aye, it be a day to unleash yer inner pirate and spread mirth among the landlubbers!

Philosophical Discussion on Talk Like a Pirate Day

Arrr, what be the significance of celebratin’ a day such as Talk Like a Pirate Day, ye may wonder? This peculiar celebration be more than just a lark; it be a reminder for us to embrace joy and whimsy in our lives. In the doldrums of our daily routines, we often neglect the playful and imaginative side of our souls. Talk Like a Pirate Day be an opportunity to break free from our shackles and indulge in the joy of make-believe. It be a chance to escape the monotony and allow our spirits to soar upon the winds of imagination. By talkin’ like pirates, we reconnect with the childlike wonder that often lies dormant within us.


Ahoy, me hearties! Talk Like a Pirate Day be upon us once again, and what better way to revel in this merry occasion than with some free grub from Long John Silver’s. This be a splendid opportunity to unleash yer inner pirate and embark on a culinary adventure. Whether ye prefer the taste of fish or chicken, Long John Silver’s shall cater to yer fancy. Don’t be a landlubber missin’ out on this rip-roarin’ promotion. Gather ye crew and set sail to a participatin’ restaurant. Dress up in yer best pirate attire for an added bonus of a two-piece fish or chicken basket. This be a chance to bring out the sea-dog in ye, me mateys!


For those contemplatin’ takin’ part in this endeavor, allow me to lend me wisdom. Here be some tips to help ye truly embody the spirit of a seafarin’ scoundrel:

1. Learn the Lingo: Practice yer pirate talk to ensure ye be convincin’. “Arrr” and “Avast” be essential, but go a step further and learn some swashbucklin’ phrases to impress yer mates.

2. Dress the Part: Put on yer finest pirate gear – tricorn hats, bandanas, eye patches, and boots. The more ye resemble a buccaneer, the greater the reward.

3. Immerse Yerself: Embrace the pirate life throughout the day. Read pirate tales, watch pirate movies, and even listen to shanties whilst ye prepare for yer voyage to Long John Silver’s.

4. Share the Joy: Spread the spirit of Talk Like a Pirate Day with yer shipmates, colleagues, and family. Encourage them to join ye in this jovial celebration.

5. Respect the Code: Remember to be respectful and inclusive in yer pirate banter. Be mindful not to offend or belittle others while engaging in this spirited celebration.

So, me hearties, set a course for Long John Silver’s on Talk Like a Pirate Day and relish in the pleasures of a free feast fit for a pirate. Let the laughter and merriment ring throughout the taverns as we embrace the fanciful world of buccaneers and privateers. May the winds steer ye towards a day filled with adventure and lightheartedness!


"Avast Ye! Long John Silver
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