"Barreal's Brilliance: FC Cincinnati Stuns Lionel Messi and Inter Miami"sports,soccer,FCCincinnati,LionelMessi,InterMiami
"Barreal's Brilliance: FC Cincinnati Stuns Lionel Messi and Inter Miami"

“Barreal’s Brilliance: FC Cincinnati Stuns Lionel Messi and Inter Miami”

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Alvaro Barreal’s Goal Lifts FC Cincinnati over Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami CF

FC Cincinnati secured a memorable victory over Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami CF thanks to a crucial goal from Alvaro Barreal. The goal, scored in the 79th minute, secured a 1-0 win for FC Cincinnati and marked the club’s 20th victory of the season. This win further solidified their Supporters Shield-winning campaign. However, the significance of this game extends beyond FC Cincinnati’s success. The defeat for Inter Miami CF means they are now out of playoff contention. This outcome has effectively ended any chance for Inter Miami and the Major League Soccer (MLS) community to fully capitalize on Messi’s arrival to North America.

Implications for Lionel Messi and Inter Miami

For Lionel Messi, the loss against FC Cincinnati represents a missed opportunity to elevate his personal legacy. A deep postseason run would have provided the platform for Messi to showcase his talent and potentially overcome the challenges his club has faced this season. It is especially significant that Messi was undone in part by a fellow countryman and fan in Alvaro Barreal, who celebrated when Messi led Argentina to the FIFA World Cup title in December.

An Odd Match and Cincinnati’s Revenge

The match between FC Cincinnati and Inter Miami CF was described as odd by FC Cincinnati head coach Pat Noonan. Miami dominated the first half, hitting the bar three times within the opening 24 minutes. However, FC Cincinnati managed to regroup and ultimately secure the victory. This game was also seen as a chance for revenge for FC Cincinnati after Inter Miami knocked them out of the U.S. Open Cup in August. However, Cincinnati’s focus was not solely on revenge, as they had already clinched the Supporters Shield a week earlier.

FC Cincinnati’s Postseason Hopes

While FC Cincinnati’s win against Inter Miami CF was significant, the performance highlighted some concerns for the team’s postseason ambitions. Coach Pat Noonan expressed his dissatisfaction with how the club played, particularly in the first half. Despite being able to consistently win games during the regular season, the playoffs pose different challenges, and improvements are necessary for success. Noonan emphasized the importance of bravery in possession and the ability to play the game, as well as defensive stability. The team now has time to reflect, assess their performance, and make necessary adjustments before the playoffs.

Looking Ahead for FC Cincinnati

FC Cincinnati has one regular-season match remaining against Atlanta United on October 21. This match will provide the team with an opportunity to fine-tune their performance and address any lingering issues before the playoffs. It is imperative that FC Cincinnati maintains their focus, addresses areas of concern, and enters the playoffs with confidence and determination.

Overall, Alvaro Barreal’s goal against Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami CF was a significant moment for FC Cincinnati. It secured an important win, but also ended Inter Miami’s playoff hopes and prevented Messi from making a deep postseason run. As FC Cincinnati looks towards the postseason, they must address their performance and make necessary improvements to ensure success in the playoffs.


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