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"Battle Down Under: Ciryl Gane Dominates Serghei Spivac at UFC Fight Night"

“Battle Down Under: Ciryl Gane Dominates Serghei Spivac at UFC Fight Night”

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UFC Fight Night in Paris: Ciryl Gane Dominates Serghei Spivac

By Ciaran Baynes | Updated 02/09/2023 at 22:37 GMT

The UFC made its way to Paris for the latest Fight Night event, and the home crowd was treated to a dominating performance by France’s own Ciryl Gane in the main event. Gane faced off against Serghei Spivac in a heavyweight bout and showed his skill and dominance from the start.

Impressive Performance from Gane

Ciryl Gane’s performance in this fight dispelled any doubts that may have lingered after his loss to Jon Jones. Gane showcased his striking skills, with educated and precise strikes that softened up his opponent. He landed a huge right hand in the second round that proved to be the beginning of the end for Spivac. The referee ultimately had to step in and stop the fight, giving Gane a second-round knockout victory.

Gane’s control of the fight was evident from the beginning. He utilized leg kicks to control the distance and defended takedown attempts with ease. He also landed a massive knee to the kidneys that further showcased his dominance. Overall, it was an assured performance from Gane.

The Future for Gane

With this victory, Gane solidified his position as one of the top heavyweights in the UFC. However, he remained humble in victory and did not engage in trash talk when asked about a potential fight with Britain’s heavyweight king Tom Aspinall. Gane only stated that his mission is to move forward and secure the belt. This level-headedness and focus on his ultimate goal is commendable and speaks to Gane’s character as a fighter.

Gane’s next opponent remains to be seen, but the victory over Spivac certainly puts him in contention for a title shot. His skills and dominance in the heavyweight division make him a formidable force, and fans can expect to see great things from him in the future.

A Nail-biter: Fiorot Defeats Namajunas

In the co-main event of the evening, French fighter Manon Fiorot faced off against living legend Rose Namajunas in a women’s flyweight bout. This highly anticipated fight did not disappoint, providing fans with a thrilling contest.

Fiorot showcased her precision and technical striking throughout the fight. Her jabs proved to be the difference-maker, and she was able to secure a unanimous decision victory, with scores of 30-27, 29-28, and 29-28 in her favor. This win extends Fiorot’s win streak to six fights, solidifying her reputation as a top contender in the women’s flyweight division.

Both fighters put on a fantastic show, and Namajunas deserves credit for her determination and grit. Despite fighting with a dislocated finger, she continued to press forward and put up a valiant effort until the final moments of the fight.

Advice for Fighters and Fans

Fighters: Focus, Discipline, and Humility

The performances of Ciryl Gane and Manon Fiorot serve as reminders to fighters everywhere of the importance of focus, discipline, and humility. Gane’s unwavering focus on his mission and his ability to showcase his skills without engaging in unnecessary trash talk demonstrate the qualities of a true champion. Fiorot’s precision and technical prowess serve as a testament to the power of discipline and hard work.

Both fighters exhibited humility in victory, acknowledging the efforts of their opponents and thanking their fans for their support. These qualities not only make them admirable athletes but also examples for aspiring fighters to emulate.

Fans: Appreciate the Skill and Sportsmanship

As fans of Mixed Martial Arts, it is important to appreciate the skill and sportsmanship displayed by the fighters. The fights in Paris showcased the level of talent and dedication that goes into competing at the highest level of the sport. Whether it is the striking prowess of Gane and Fiorot or the toughness and determination of fighters like Namajunas, there is always something to admire in each bout.

Let us not get carried away with the hype and trash talk that sometimes surrounds the sport. Instead, let’s focus on appreciating the skills, the determination, and the sportsmanship that make MMA such a unique and exciting spectacle.


The UFC Fight Night event in Paris provided fans with high-level, thrilling fights. Ciryl Gane’s dominating performance against Serghei Spivac showcased his skills and solidified his place at the top of the heavyweight division. Manon Fiorot’s precision and technical striking secured her a hard-fought victory against Rose Namajunas. These fighters serve as examples of the qualities necessary for success in MMA – focus, discipline, humility, and respect for the sport.


"Battle Down Under: Ciryl Gane Dominates Serghei Spivac at UFC Fight Night"
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