"Beneath the Outback Skies: Voss' Majestic Return to the Pride Lands"Outback,Skies,Voss,Majestic,Return,PrideLands
"Beneath the Outback Skies: Voss' Majestic Return to the Pride Lands"

“Beneath the Outback Skies: Voss’ Majestic Return to the Pride Lands”

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The Lion King Returns: Michael Voss‘ Full Circle Moment

A Tale of Redemption and Resilience

Published on September 23rd, 2023

Michael Voss, former captain of the Brisbane Lions and one of the greatest players in AFL history, is returning to his old stomping ground, The Gabba, this time as the senior coach of the Carlton Blues. It is a true full circle moment for Voss, who built his reputation as a player at The Gabba and now hopes to lead his new team to victory over his former club.

A Journey of Redemption

It’s hard to believe that just 12 weeks ago, Voss was facing immense pressure and criticism from the Carlton community. The Blues were languishing in 15th place, and it seemed like another wasted era was on the horizon. But Voss, drawing on his experience as a player and previous coaching shortcomings, dug deep and turned the fortunes of his team around.

Voss‘ leadership has been a driving force behind the Blues’ resurgence. His consistent and methodical approach, combined with a simple message of “be better,” inspired his players to step up and turn their season around. Assistant coach Aaron Hamill praised Voss‘ unwavering commitment to the team’s vision and his ability to create an environment for the players to flourish.

The Power of Clarity and Confidence

One of the key factors in Carlton’s transformation under Voss has been his emphasis on the team’s defense and the importance of contest and pressure. While many were focused on the team’s lack of scoring, Voss recognized that a strong defense was crucial to competing with the best teams in the competition.

Voss‘ clarity and confidence in the team’s roles and expectations have allowed the players to perform at their best. Lachie Fogarty, one of Carlton’s rising stars, praised Voss for simplifying the game and instilling a clear game plan that everyone understands. Charlie Curnow echoed Fogarty’s sentiments, highlighting Voss‘ faith in the players and his ability to instill a high importance on contest and pressure.

A Tough Road Ahead

As Carlton prepares for their first preliminary final in 23 years, the pressure is on for Voss and his team. The journey from 15th place to finals contention has been a full-on and strenuous one, but Voss‘ resilience and clear plan have guided the team through the challenges.

However, Voss understands that the road to success is not solely on his shoulders. He relies on the support of his experienced assistant coaching group and the players to execute the game plan. Delegation and support are crucial in alleviating the pressure on Voss and allowing him to focus on his strengths as a coach.

A Philosophical Perspective

Michael Voss‘ comeback story is not just a tale of redemption in the AFL world; it is a testament to the power of resilience and belief in oneself. Voss‘ ability to weather criticism, stay true to his vision, and inspire his players to greatness is a lesson for all of us.

Life is full of ups and downs, and setbacks are inevitable. But it is how we respond to those setbacks that define us. Voss‘ journey shows us the importance of staying true to our values, remaining focused on our goals, and surrounding ourselves with a strong support system.

Editorial: The Lion Roars Again

As an esteemed AFL commentator, it is truly remarkable to witness the resurgence of Michael Voss and the Carlton Blues. Vossreturn to The Gabba is not just a clash between two teams; it is a clash between past and present, redemption and revenge.

The storyline of Vossreturn adds an extra layer of intrigue to an already captivating finals series. Whether or not the Blues can overcome the mighty Lions is yet to be seen, but one thing is for certain: Voss‘ impact on the team and the game cannot be underestimated.

The Lion King has returned, and he is ready to leave his mark on the AFL once again.


"Beneath the Outback Skies: Voss
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