Brisbane Lions vs Carlton Blues: AFL Preliminary Final Live Updates and Analysisbrisbane-lions,carlton-blues,afl,preliminary-final,live-updates,analysis
Brisbane Lions vs Carlton Blues: AFL Preliminary Final Live Updates and Analysis

Brisbane Lions vs Carlton Blues: AFL Preliminary Final Live Updates and Analysis

AFL Preliminary Final: Brisbane Lions vs Carlton Blues


Published 23 September 2023

The Match

In a highly anticipated clash at the Gabba, the Brisbane Lions and Carlton Blues are battling it out in the AFL Preliminary Final. The winner of this match will proceed to next week’s grand final, where they will face Collingwood. The stakes are high, and both teams are fighting for their chance to secure the premiership.

First Quarter Analysis

The first quarter of the match saw an impressive performance from Carlton, with their relentless pressure resulting in a five-goal-to-one lead. It has been years since Carlton has played such exceptional football, and their poise and impenetrable defensive structure have allowed them to capitalize on their strong start.

Players like Sam Walsh and Harry McKay have been standout performers for Carlton, with McKay’s exceptional goal-kicking skills giving the Blues a significant advantage. The small forwards have been swarming, while Jacob Weitering and Mitch McGovern have locked down the backline.

Brisbane, on the other hand, has struggled to match Carlton’s intensity. Their defense, led by Harris Andrews, has been the only bright spot, preventing Carlton from extending their lead further. However, with their scoring power, Brisbane is not completely out of the contest, and they have the ability to quickly turn the tide of the game.

Philosophical Discussion

This match showcases the unpredictable and exciting nature of Australian Rules Football. A team like Carlton, which has been struggling in recent years, has found their form when it matters most. This resurgence demonstrates the potential for teams to quickly improve and compete at the highest level, proving that in football, anything is possible.

Furthermore, this match highlights the importance of momentum and confidence in achieving success in sport. Carlton’s strong start has given them a significant advantage both mentally and on the scoreboard. It is crucial for Brisbane to regain their composure and belief in their abilities if they want to mount a comeback.

Editorial and Advice

This Preliminary Final serves as a reminder to never underestimate the underdogs. Carlton’s performance should inspire fans and supporters to believe in their team and embrace the unpredictable nature of sport. Regardless of the outcome, both teams have fought hard to reach this stage and deserve recognition for their efforts.

For Brisbane, it is essential to remain focused and composed. While the deficit is significant, there is plenty of time to mount a comeback and secure a spot in the grand final. Drawing on their scoring power and determination, Brisbane has the ability to turn the tide of the game and overcome Carlton’s early advantage.

On the other hand, Carlton must continue the strong defensive pressure that has allowed them to dominate the first quarter. They should be cautious of complacency and ensure they maintain their intensity throughout the match. By capitalizing on their opportunities and persisting with their strong team structure, Carlton can secure their place in the grand final.


Brisbane Lions vs Carlton Blues: AFL Preliminary Final Live Updates and Analysis
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