Crikey! Magpie Mania Strikes Melbourne, Shaking up the CityMelbourne,MagpieMania,CityShaking,Crikey
Crikey! Magpie Mania Strikes Melbourne, Shaking up the City

Crikey! Magpie Mania Strikes Melbourne, Shaking up the City

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Sport AFL grand final: Call that an earthquake? Magpie army shakes Melbourne

By Tom Cowie | Updated September 30, 2023 — 8.14pm | first published at 7.39pm

It was a grand final match that will be remembered for years to come. The Collingwood Magpies secured their 16th premiership victory, defeating the Brisbane Lions in a back-and-forth game that had fans on the edge of their seats. The joyous celebration that followed shook Melbourne to its very core, with the energy and passion of the black and white army radiating throughout the city.

The Tremor in Melbourne

In the hours leading up to the grand final, Melbourne experienced a small earthquake with a magnitude of 2.2. While this may have caused a brief tremor, it was nothing compared to the seismic impact felt when the final siren rang at the Collingwood watch party. Thousands of Magpies fans gathered at Olympic Park, creating an atmosphere akin to 100-proof liquor. The concentration of their love and support for the team was electric.

A Game for the Ages

The grand final match between Collingwood and Brisbane proved to be one of the greatest tussles in the history of the sport. The tension was palpable, and fans could barely breathe in the final quarter. Every goal scored had the crowd erupting with cheers, and the nerves were released like a giant spring when the final whistle blew. The mobile phone network struggled to handle the overwhelming surge of calls, text messages, and social media posts as fans celebrated the victory.

Magpie Legends

The victory was a testament to the determination and skill of the Collingwood players. Bobby Hill, an un-backable favorite for the Norm Smith Medal, showcased an exceptional performance that will be remembered for years to come. The mark he took in the second quarter will be immortalized in children’s bedrooms as a symbol of what can be achieved with dedication and talent. The fans adored him, and his win was met with thunderous cheers from the black and white army.

Celebrating a Long-Awaited Victory

The victory meant the world to the long-time Collingwood supporters who have waited for this moment for decades. Tracey Farley, a fan of over 40 years, expressed her joy and disbelief at the team’s success. Even with a 7am flight to Tassie the following morning, she was determined to keep celebrating. The victory was a testament to the talent and resilience of the entire team, and fans couldn’t contain their excitement.

Looking Ahead

The grand final victory for Collingwood was a long time coming. The team has a history of making it to the grand final but not always coming out on top. This win, however, has given fans hope for future success. The Collingwood coach, Craig McRae, has inspired the players to reach their full potential, and the club as a whole has embraced his leadership. The fans are confident in the team’s abilities and look forward to more victories in the future.

As the celebrations continue late into the night, it is clear that the Magpie army has left a lasting impression on Melbourne. The earthquake may have been small, but the impact of the grand final victory has shaken the city to its core. The black and white supporters have shown what it means to be truly passionate about their team, and their dedication should be admired and celebrated.

It is moments like these that make sports so special. The AFL grand final is not just a game; it is a cultural event that brings people together and fosters a sense of community. The emotions that arise from such events can inspire and unite us, reminding us of the power of human connection and the possibilities that lie within.

In a world that often feels divided, it is important to cherish and celebrate these moments of togetherness. Regardless of our differences, we can all find common ground in the joy of sport. Like the Collingwood fans, let us come together and cheer for our teams, knowing that in doing so, we are participating in something greater than ourselves.


Crikey! Magpie Mania Strikes Melbourne, Shaking up the City
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