"Ed Husic Slams Israel for Collective Punishment in Israel-Gaza Conflict"ed-husic,israel,gaza,conflict,collective-punishment
"Ed Husic Slams Israel for Collective Punishment in Israel-Gaza Conflict"

“Ed Husic Slams Israel for Collective Punishment in Israel-Gaza Conflict”

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Husic accuses Israel of collective punishment against Palestinians

Australia’s first federal Muslim minister, Ed Husic, has voiced his concerns over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, accusing Israel of collective punishment against Gazan civilians. Husic questioned why Australian buildings are not being lit up in Palestine’s national colours and emphasized the need for governments, particularly the Israeli government, to follow international law and protect innocent lives.

The contrasting support for Israel and the Palestinian cause

Husic highlighted the discrepancy in public and political support between Israel and the Palestinian cause, pointing out that while Israel garnered overwhelming support following an incident on October 7, where it has been described as Israel’s equivalent of 9/11, there was no similar show of solidarity for Palestinians. He compared the number of Palestinians killed so far to the number of people who lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks, yet there were no public landmarks in Australia being lit up in support of Palestine.

This disparity, according to Husic, contributes to the perception that Palestinian lives are considered inferior. He argued that Palestinians are being dehumanized through derogatory language and references to them as collateral damage.

The call for protection of innocent Palestinians

Husic acknowledged that his comments would likely invite political attacks but stated his commitment to speaking up for the protection of innocent Palestinian lives. As a cabinet minister, he recognizes the Parliament’s resolution that recognizes Israel‘s right to defend itself but also calls for adherence to international humanitarian law. Husic emphasized the importance of taking every step to protect Palestinians when possible.

Australian groups call for ceasefire in Gaza

Seventy-four aid, human rights groups, unions, and other advocates have united to publicly call for a ceasefire in Gaza. Australian Palestine Advocacy Network president, Nasser Mashni, stated that the situation in Gaza is catastrophic and completely avoidable. He accused Israel of illegally imprisoning over two million people, including children, for 16 years and implementing collective punishment, which constitutes a war crime. Mashni called for an end to Israel‘s impunity from international rebuke and sanction.


The accusations made by Ed Husic and the plea for a ceasefire in Gaza from Australian advocacy groups shed light on the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The contrasting support for Israel and the Palestinian cause is a topic of concern, emphasizing the need for a more balanced and fair approach in addressing the issue. The protection of innocent Palestinian lives and adherence to international law should be prioritized by all parties involved. The international community has a role to play in ensuring a just and peaceful resolution to the conflict.



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