Government proclaims "the Webb Ellis resides in South Africa's grasp"government,proclamation,WebbEllis,SouthAfrica
Government proclaims "the Webb Ellis resides in South Africa's grasp"

Government proclaims “the Webb Ellis resides in South Africa’s grasp”

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Rugby World Cup 2023: South African Government Declares Victory and Controversy


The South African government has made a bold proclamation following the Springboks’ victory in the Rugby World Cup final against New Zealand. Using the Afrikaans word “kant,” which translates to “side,” the government declared that “the Webb Ellis is in South Africa’s kant.” This statement comes in the midst of a controversy surrounding allegations made by Tom Curry, a player from the England team, against South Africa’s Bongi Mbonambi. While Mbonambi was cleared of any wrongdoing by World Rugby, the controversy raises important questions about the use of language, cultural sensitivities, and the impact of accusations in sports.

The Mbonambi-Curry Controversy

The controversy began when Curry alleged that Mbonambi had directed a racial slur at him during the World Cup semi-final. The specific phrase, according to Curry, was “white cunt.” However, there has been speculation that Mbonambi might have actually said “wit kant” or “white side” in Afrikaans. This linguistic nuance has stirred discussion and interpretation, with a video surfacing showing South Africa coaches and players using the phrase “watter kant” or “which side.” While the Springboks camp did not suggest this interpretation, it raises questions about the context and intentions behind the words.

The Importance of Culture and Language

Language and culture play crucial roles in shaping our understanding of communication. Words can carry different meanings depending on the context and culture in which they are used. While the specific intentions of Mbonambi’s words remain in dispute, it is important to acknowledge the complexity of language and the potential for misinterpretation. This controversy highlights the need for cultural sensitivity and understanding, especially in the highly visible and international arena of sports.

The Government‘s Proclamation

In response to the Springboks’ victory and the controversy surrounding Mbonambi’s alleged comments, the South African government issued a statement congratulating the team. The statement, spanning 375 words, applauds the Springboks’ achievement and states that “the Webb Ellis [trophy] is in South Africa’s kant!!” This choice of phrase is a significant one, given its recent use in discussions about the Mbonambi-Curry controversy. It is an interesting rhetorical move by the government, which can be read as a way to both celebrate their triumph and subtly address the allegations.

Implications for Future Disciplinary Actions

World Rugby’s decision to clear Mbonambi due to “insufficient evidence” raises questions about the process of handling such allegations in sports. While it is important to protect the integrity and spirit of the game, it is equally crucial to address all claims seriously and thoroughly. The Rugby Football Union’s reaction to the decision illustrates the frustration felt by Curry and the need to ensure that all voices are heard. This controversy serves as a reminder for sports organizations to review and improve their approach to investigating allegations and providing fair and transparent outcomes.

Reflection on Sportsmanship

In the aftermath of the controversy, South Africa’s centre, Damian de Allende, spoke in support of Mbonambi, highlighting his character and emphasizing the idea that we all make mistakes. De Allende’s comments underscore the importance of sportsmanship and forgiveness, recognizing that individuals can grow and learn from their errors. It is crucial for players and teams to maintain integrity and respect for the game and its opponents, embodying the values that sports should espouse.


The Rugby World Cup 2023 victory of the South African Springboks has been marred by a controversy surrounding allegations against Bongi Mbonambi. While Mbonambi was cleared of any wrongdoing, the language used and its potential interpretations raise important discussions about cultural sensitivity, language comprehension, and the handling of disciplinary actions in sports. The South African government‘s proclamation adds another layer to this complex situation, subtly addressing the allegations while celebrating the team’s achievement. Moving forward, it is essential for sports organizations to examine their processes for dealing with such controversies and ensure that all claims are thoroughly investigated. Ultimately, the principles of sportsmanship and respect should guide the actions and behaviors of athletes and teams on and off the field.


Government proclaims "the Webb Ellis resides in South Africa
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