"Greening Australia: Exploring the Potential Impact of World Environment Day 2023"environment,WorldEnvironmentDay,GreeningAustralia,impact,exploration
"Greening Australia: Exploring the Potential Impact of World Environment Day 2023"

“Greening Australia: Exploring the Potential Impact of World Environment Day 2023”

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World Environment Day 2023: Celebrating and Protecting Bayside’s Local Environment


Bayside in Victoria boasts a rich natural heritage, including 17 kilometres of foreshore, bushlands, and reserves, like the 14-hectare Yalukit Willam Nature Reserve and Highett Grassy Woodland. As we celebrate this year’s World Environment Day on June 5, 2023, the Bayside community is encouraged to explore and enjoy this natural beauty in their locality. However, at the same time, there is a critical message to protect our environment from plastic pollution, which is a huge global challenge.

Protecting our Marine Environment from Plastic Waste

Plastic pollution is prevalent worldwide, and it’s high time we take action to limit its impact on the environment. According to recent estimates, 2.5 billion pieces of litter end up in Port Phillip Bay every year, with 85% of this litter being microplastics. Besides, plastic waste has a devastating effect on marine life, including mammals, birds, fish, and shellfish, leading to death and harm to their health. Plastic packaging and materials contain hazardous resin pellets and chemicals dangerous to human health and wildlife.

Simple Swaps

By swapping single-use plastics with eco-friendly alternatives, we can make a difference in reducing plastic waste in the environment. For instance, instead of using a disposable coffee cup, using a reusable coffee cup goes a long way toward reducing waste and supporting the environment. Similarly, a refillable drink bottle is a great substitute for single-use plastic water bottles. Joining the trend of refusing plastic straws is also an easy step towards reducing plastic pollution.


The Australian government has announced crucial policy measures to mitigate plastic pollution, including the introduction of a national strategy to phase out single-use plastics, such as plastic bags, straws, and stirrers. However, the government needs to ensure proper implementation and enforcement of such regulations to have a lasting impact on the environment. At an individual level, we must take responsibility for our waste and carbon footprint and considering alternative solutions to reduce our impact on the planet.


As we celebrate World Environment Day and reflect on the natural beauty in our locality, we must actively work towards protecting and preserving it from plastic pollution. This calls for small but significant lifestyle changes, such as reducing our use of single-use plastics and embracing eco-friendly alternatives. As a community, by collaborating to raise awareness and take action against this escalating global crisis, we can create a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable environment for ourselves and generations to come.


"Greening Australia: Exploring the Potential Impact of World Environment Day 2023"
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