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"Locatelli's Revenge: Juventus Shuts Down AC Milan with a 1-0 Victory"

“Locatelli’s Revenge: Juventus Shuts Down AC Milan with a 1-0 Victory”

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AC Milan 0-1 Juventus: Manuel Locatelli returns to haunt former club at San Siro as Malick Thiaw sees red for Rossoneri

AC Milan suffered a 1-0 defeat to Juventus at San Siro, relinquishing their position at the top of the Serie A table. The Rossoneri had the chance to overtake their rivals Inter, but their prospects were dampened when Malick Thiaw was sent off in the first half. Former Milan player Manuel Locatelli dealt the decisive blow for Juventus.

Losing Ground: A Missed Opportunity for AC Milan

AC Milan’s loss to Juventus not only dealt a blow to their title ambitions but also allowed Inter to keep their place at the summit of Serie A. While it is impossible to say for certain whether Milan would have secured all three points without Thiaw’s red card, it is evident that they were more commanding with a full team on the pitch.

In the first half, Milan controlled large parts of the game and came closest to finding an opening goal. They were thwarted by Juventus goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny, who made a remarkable save to deny Olivier Giroud. The Frenchman unleashed a low strike that Szczesny brilliantly tipped around the post.

However, Milan’s hopes were dashed when Thiaw was sent off for a foul on Moise Kean, denying the forward a clear goal-scoring opportunity. Playing with ten men for the majority of the match, Milan struggled to regain control and create chances in the final third.

Locatelli’s Revenge: The Difference-Maker

Former Milan player Manuel Locatelli emerged as the hero for Juventus, scoring the winning goal against his old club. His shot from 30 yards out took a cruel deflection off Rade Krunic, before finding the back of the net. Locatelli showed initiative and capitalized on Milan’s numerical disadvantage to help Juventus secure a crucial victory in their pursuit of the Serie A title.

Player of the Match: Manuel Locatelli

Manuel Locatelli’s return to the San Siro was met with a standout performance. Not only did he score the decisive goal, but he also proved to be a driving force in the second half. Locatelli’s opportunistic mindset and ability to seize the moment contributed significantly to Juventus‘ triumph.

Match Ratings

AC Milan:

  • Mirante: 7
  • Calabria: 7
  • Thiaw: 5
  • Tomori: 7
  • Florenzi: 6
  • Musah: 6
  • Adli: 7
  • Reijnders: 6
  • Pulisic: 6
  • Giroud: 6
  • Leao: 7


  • Szczesny: 7
  • Gatti: 6
  • Bremer: 7
  • Rugani: 7
  • Weah: 7
  • McKennie: 7
  • Locatelli: 8
  • Rabiot: 7
  • Kostic: 7
  • Milik: 6
  • Kean: 6

Match Highlights

  • 14′ – Huge save from Szczesny! Giroud’s low strike is excellently tipped around the post.
  • 40′ – Thiaw gets a red card for a last-man foul on Kean.
  • 44′ – Rabiot delivers a superb ball to Kean, who stabs the ball wide from close range.
  • 63′ – Locatelli’s deflected shot finds the back of the net, giving Juventus the lead.
  • 85′ – Mirante makes a fantastic save to deny Vlahovic’s powerful strike.
  • 90’+2 – Mirante produces an incredible double save to keep Milan’s deficit at one goal.

Editorial: Milan’s Missed Opportunity

AC Milan’s defeat against Juventus was a missed opportunity for them to reclaim the top spot in Serie A. Despite facing adversity with the early red card, Milan showed promise in the first half and looked capable of securing a positive result. However, Juventus capitalized on their advantage and emerged victorious.

It is crucial for Milan to bounce back swiftly from this setback and maintain consistency in their performance. With Inter remaining at the summit, Milan must regroup, find their rhythm, and continue to challenge their rivals in the race for the title.

Advice for AC Milan

AC Milan needs to address their strength in depth and ensure that they have suitable backup options in key positions. The absence of a player like Thiaw significantly impacted their performance against Juventus. To compete at the highest level, Milan must bolster their squad to handle such setbacks and maintain their competitiveness throughout the season.

Additionally, Milan should build on their positive aspects from this match, such as their control of the game when they had a full team on the pitch. They should continue to work on maintaining consistency and exploiting their strengths in future matches.

Furthermore, it is essential for Milan to remain mentally resilient. The disappointment of losing to Juventus should not knock their confidence or deter them from their ultimate goal. They must believe in their abilities and strive to bounce back stronger in the upcoming fixtures.

Overall, Milan’s defeat to Juventus serves as a valuable lesson and an opportunity for growth. With the right mentality, strategic improvements, and continued determination, they can still be serious contenders in the Serie A title race.


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