"Masters Games Unleash the Smash Skills of Bellarine's Pickleball Club"pickleball,Bellarine'sPickleballClub,MastersGames,smashskills
"Masters Games Unleash the Smash Skills of Bellarine's Pickleball Club"

“Masters Games Unleash the Smash Skills of Bellarine’s Pickleball Club”

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The Rise of Pickleball on the Bellarine Peninsula

A Sport for All Ages

Pickleball, a combination of tennis, table tennis, and badminton, has been making waves on the Bellarine Peninsula in Australia. The Ocean Grove Pickleball Club and the newly-formed Drysdale/Clifton Springs Pickleball Club have been championing this fast-growing sport, with the latter club already making an impressive mark on the national stage. At the 2023 Australian Masters Games held in Adelaide from October 7-14, the Drysdale/Clifton Springs Pickleball Club secured a staggering 35 medals.

Fiona Bond, the publicity and promotions officer for the club, shared that the club started with just 14 enthusiastic players from the Ocean Grove Pickleball Club in late 2022. However, the club quickly gained popularity and now boasts more than 170 members, making it the second-largest pickleball club in Victoria. This growth demonstrates the increasing interest and appeal of pickleball among Bellarine Peninsula residents.

The Australian Masters Games: A Week-Long Celebration of Sport

The Australian Masters Games is a significant event that brings together participants from around the world. Unlike many sports competitions, the Masters Games does not impose strict qualifying standards. Instead, it sets age limits, with a minimum age of 30 as a general guide. This inclusive approach allows “weekend warriors” to showcase their skills and compete in a range of sports, and this year, pickleball had its debut in the Games.

The fact that pickleball is the world’s fastest growing sport further exemplifies its appeal and potential to engage a wide range of age groups. The success of the Drysdale/Clifton Springs Pickleball Club at the Australian Masters Games highlights both the talent and dedication of its members.

Pickleball: A Sport for Everyone

One of the most notable aspects of pickleball is its accessibility to players of all ages and backgrounds. Fiona Bond emphasizes that pickleball is not limited to seasoned athletes. Many club members are ex-tennis players, which offers a natural progression in hand-eye coordination. However, there are also individuals in their late fifties or sixties who have never played a sport before and have found a new passion in pickleball.

The ease of picking up and learning the game, coupled with its addictive and enjoyable nature, contributes to the sport’s popularity. Bond aptly describes pickleball as the “addictive sport,” highlighting the irresistible appeal that draws players in. Additionally, the social aspect of pickleball is highly regarded, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among its participants.

Advice for Aspiring Pickleball Players

For those intrigued by the success of the Drysdale/Clifton Springs Pickleball Club and interested in trying out the sport, there are several steps to take. Firstly, it is important to find a local pickleball club or group to join. The Ocean Grove Pickleball Club and the Drysdale/Clifton Springs Pickleball Club are prominent examples in the Bellarine Peninsula region.

Secondly, it is essential to attend training sessions or seek guidance from experienced players to learn the fundamentals of the game. The skill set required for pickleball, blending elements from tennis, table tennis, and badminton, may be new to some players. However, with practice and dedication, players can develop the necessary techniques and strategies to excel.

Finally, participating in local tournaments and events, such as the Australian Masters Games, provides valuable experience and an opportunity to gauge one’s abilities against other players. As demonstrated by the Drysdale/Clifton Springs Pickleball Club, success can come quickly, even for newly formed clubs.


The incredible achievements of the Drysdale/Clifton Springs Pickleball Club at the 2023 Australian Masters Games serve as a testament to the growing popularity and success of pickleball on the Bellarine Peninsula. With its inclusive nature and accessibility to players of all ages and backgrounds, pickleball continues to attract new enthusiasts. The sport’s combination of skill, competitiveness, and social interaction makes it an appealing choice for both seasoned athletes and newcomers looking to explore a new sport. As more clubs and players emerge, the Bellarine Peninsula is undoubtedly establishing itself as a hub for pickleball in the Geelong region and beyond.


"Masters Games Unleash the Smash Skills of Bellarine
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