Olympic Couple's Preparatory Run Leading to New Obstacleolympic,couple,preparatoryrun,obstacle
Olympic Couple's Preparatory Run Leading to New Obstacle

Olympic Couple’s Preparatory Run Leading to New Obstacle

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Ryan Gregson’s nod to wife’s ‘dress rehearsal’ heroics on cusp of debut marathon

A Marathon Journey Inspired by Love

Australian marathon runner Ryan Gregson is about to embark on his debut marathon at the Melbourne Marathon, and he credits his wife, Genevieve Gregson, for providing the inspiration and guidance he needed to take on this new challenge. Genevieve’s own marathon debut earlier this year, which resulted in her clinching the women’s Oceanian marathon title, served as a “dress rehearsal” for Ryan.

The Power of Support and Trust

Ryan and Genevieve share a deep bond and understanding as athletes, and their support for each other is evident in their joint athletic pursuits. Ryan was by Genevieve’s side during her first marathon, playing a crucial support role and witnessing her success. The experience solidified Ryan’s belief that he, too, could conquer the marathon distance.

Challenging Perceptions and Embracing Potential

Ryan acknowledges that many people may doubt his ability to excel in the marathon, especially considering his background in middle-distance running. However, he draws inspiration from athletes like Genevieve and Brett Robinson, who have successfully transitioned from shorter distances to the marathon. Ryan believes that with talent, hard work, and durability, success in the marathon is possible.

Less Volume, More Focus

Coach Nic Bideau has tailored Ryan’s training plan, ensuring that the workload is manageable given Ryan’s background in shorter distances. While top marathon runners often log high weekly mileage, Ryan’s focus has been on quality rather than quantity. He has found motivation in Genevieve’s ability to achieve impressive results with lower volume, proving that success can be achieved with the right approach.

Managing Expectations and Enjoying the Journey

For Ryan, completing his first marathon is the primary goal. He aims to finish in under 2:15:00, which he believes would be a massive success. Ryan plans to approach the race with a structured mindset but also acknowledges that there is room for error and flexibility during the race. This mindset shift has come from Genevieve’s encouragement and awareness that the marathon allows for adjustments and surprises along the way.

Looking Ahead

Ryan sees the Melbourne Marathon as the beginning of his marathon journey, with the aim of eventually tackling faster courses overseas and improving his personal best time. Genevieve continues to be Ryan’s biggest supporter, emphasizing his disciplined nature and ability to thrive in a structured environment. With her unwavering belief in him, Ryan feels confident and ready to embrace the challenges and joys that lie ahead in his marathon career.

In conclusion, Ryan Gregson’s decision to tackle his debut marathon with inspiration from his wife’s successful marathon debut reflects the power of love, support, and trust in overcoming new challenges. As he enters the Melbourne Marathon, Ryan carries with him the belief that success is possible with talent, hard work, and a well-planned training approach. With Genevieve by his side, Ryan embraces the marathon journey with a structured mindset but also a sense of openness and enjoyment. Their shared experiences highlight the potential for athletes to excel in different distances, challenging conventional expectations. As Ryan sets his sights on the marathon, he looks forward to a future filled with personal growth, new achievements, and the unwavering support of his wife and family.


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