Port Forward's AFL Lifeline: Third Club's Bold Move Back to Successwordpress,portforwarding,AFL,Lifeline,thirdclub,boldmove,success
Port Forward's AFL Lifeline: Third Club's Bold Move Back to Success

Port Forward’s AFL Lifeline: Third Club’s Bold Move Back to Success

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AFL Port Forward Orazio Fantasia Gets Lifeline at Third Club with Move to Carlton

AFL Port Adelaide forward Orazio Fantasia is set to return to his home state of Victoria after signing a two-year deal with Carlton. This move marks Fantasia’s third AFL club, as he aims to reignite his stalled career under the guidance of his former Power assistant coach, Michael Voss.

In a surprising turn of events, Fantasia had reportedly been offered a one-year contract to stay at Port Adelaide. However, the opportunity to work with Voss and join Carlton proved too enticing for the 28-year-old forward.

A Chance for Redemption

Fantasia’s move to Carlton represents a fresh start and a chance for redemption. Throughout his career, he has shown flashes of brilliance, including a season with Essendon where he kicked 39 goals. However, injuries have plagued him over the past few years, limiting his game time and impacting his performance.

With Carlton’s belief in his potential and their focus on his specific role as a small forward, Fantasia has an opportunity to reignite his goal-scoring prowess and contribute significantly to his new team’s success.

The Role of Coaching

The reunion with his former assistant coach, Michael Voss, adds another layer of significance to Fantasia’s move. Coaching can play a crucial role in a player’s development and performance, and the familiarity between Voss and Fantasia could prove instrumental in helping the forward regain his form.

Furthermore, Voss’s firsthand knowledge of Fantasia’s strengths and weaknesses could aid in tailoring Carlton’s game plan to maximize his impact on the field.

Fantasia’s Injury Concerns

Despite Port Adelaide’s confidence in their medical and high-performance teams’ ability to keep Fantasia fit, injuries have been a persistent issue for the talented forward. Over the past two seasons, he has only managed to play four games, significantly hampering his contribution to the Power.

Therefore, Carlton must prioritize managing Fantasia’s workload and implementing a comprehensive injury prevention plan. This approach will be essential in ensuring his long-term availability and enabling him to make a meaningful impact for his new club.


Orazio Fantasia’s move to Carlton offers him a fresh start and an opportunity for redemption. The reunion with his former assistant coach, Michael Voss, adds an extra layer of intrigue to his journey. With Carlton’s belief in his potential and the dedication to managing his injury concerns, Fantasia has every chance to make a significant impact at his new club.

Ultimately, only time will tell if Fantasia’s move proves successful. However, his signing represents a bold move by Carlton, demonstrating their confidence in his ability to thrive under their guidance. AFL fans will be eagerly watching as Fantasia takes on this new chapter in his career.


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