"Prioritising the Pursuit of the Common Good: Insights from Pope Francis"popefrancis,commongood,prioritization,insights
"Prioritising the Pursuit of the Common Good: Insights from Pope Francis"

“Prioritising the Pursuit of the Common Good: Insights from Pope Francis”

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Pope Francis Emphasizes Community as Crucial in Socio-Economic Development

Pope Francis has delivered a speech to members of the Centesimus Annus Pro Pontefice Foundation during their 30th-anniversary celebration. During the occasion, he highlighted the need to prioritize the “community” in all socio-economic development activities. The Foundation, which takes its name and mission from Pope St. John Paul II’s encyclical Centisimus Annus, studies and disseminates the Social Doctrine of the Church, emphasizing the centrality of the person, the common good, solidarity, and subsidiarity.

The Power of Community

The Pope reiterated the valuable contributions of the Foundation in imparting the Social Doctrine’s virtuous way of life in creating worthy societies for all humanity. He encouraged members and representatives of the Foundation to work and think in terms of “community,” to give voice to the voiceless, and to ensure that every person has a place and space in the world.

He further warned against the dangers of an unhealthy economy that diminishes the worker and depletes the environment. He emphasized the need to create an economy that benefits everyone and revitalizes the Social Doctrine’s principles. The Pope reminded everyone that “no one is saved alone” as care for the environment and the poor should go hand-in-hand and stand or fall together.

Making Space for Others

The Holy Father reminded everyone about the importance of “making space” to allow others to exist. Ethical values of gift-giving, instead of exchanging, can advance the growth of a community that gives a voice to the voiceless. This community fosters peace and harmony as individuals withdraw themselves, allowing others to thrive and feel welcome.


Pope Francis’s emphasis on prioritizing the community in socio-economic activities reminds us that development should be people-centered. The Social Doctrine of the Church anchors its principles on solidarity and subsidiarity, prioritizing the common good as the ultimate goal of development. It is an urgent call for policymakers and decision-makers to think beyond the economic aspect of development. True development should be a convergence of economic, social, and political factors that promote the well-being of every member of the community.


As we move towards economic recovery after the pandemic, policymakers and decision-makers should prioritize the empowerment of every person in society. Economic plans should not just aim for profits and returns, but should take into account the welfare of every member of society. The Pope’s call for an economy that works for all and prioritizes the environment and the poor should be everyone’s concern. We should all work together to create a community where the weak and voiceless are heard, where there is space for everyone, and where everyone can thrive.


"Prioritising the Pursuit of the Common Good: Insights from Pope Francis"
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