Redemption at Last: Hasler Takes the Helm of Titans Following Holbrook's Abrupt Departureredemption,Hasler,Titans,Holbrook,departure
Redemption at Last: Hasler Takes the Helm of Titans Following Holbrook's Abrupt Departure

Redemption at Last: Hasler Takes the Helm of Titans Following Holbrook’s Abrupt Departure

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Sport NRL NRL 2023: Hasler named Titans coach after shock Holbrook exit


In a surprise move, the Gold Coast Titans have announced the appointment of Des Hasler as their new NRL coach, following the departure of Justin Holbrook. The decision to part ways with Holbrook has raised eyebrows, leaving many, including Titans advisor Mal Meninga, unaware of the club’s pursuit and appointment of Hasler. This unexpected turn of events has left fans and experts questioning the motives behind the abrupt coaching change.

Unveiling the New Coach

Des Hasler, a two-time premiership-winning former Sea Eagles coach, expressed his enthusiasm about joining the Titans from the 2024 season onwards. He acknowledged the strong playing roster, the abundance of emerging talent in the region, and the Titans‘ deep-rooted connection to the community. Hasler is confident in the team’s ability to deliver success in the upcoming seasons. However, Meninga, the former Queensland and current Queensland coach, revealed his disappointment at being left out of the loop regarding the club’s decision.

In Search of Success

The Titans‘ decision to part ways with Holbrook comes as a surprise, given their current position on the NRL ladder. Sitting ninth with a record of six wins and seven losses, the team has only made the finals once during Holbrook‘s tenure. While Mitchell, the Titans CEO, expressed gratitude for Holbrook‘s contributions to the club over the past four seasons, he emphasized the need for a change in order to fulfill their promise of winning premierships.

Hasler‘s Coaching History

Des Hasler‘s coaching career has been marked by success and redemption. After winning premierships with Manly in 2008 and 2011, Hasler was let go by the Sea Eagles in 2012. However, he quickly found a new home at the Bulldogs, where he led the team to two grand finals in three years. Hasler then returned to Manly in 2019 before being sacked in October 2022. His appointment as the Titans‘ coach offers him an opportunity to rebuild his coaching legacy and guide a team to new heights.

Editorial: The Power of Leadership Redemption

The decision to hire Hasler reflects the belief in the power of leadership redemption. Hasler‘s track record as a successful coach, coupled with his experience and strategic approach, may be seen as the catalyst for change that the Titans need. While Holbrook‘s departure is undoubtedly disappointing for him and his reputation, it is essential to acknowledge that coaching changes are often driven by the desire to achieve superior results.

The pressure on NRL coaches to deliver results is immense. Success and failure are seen as the defining factors of a coach’s career, and the longevity of their tenure is often determined by their team’s performance on the field. While it is unfortunate for Holbrook to lose his position mid-season, it is a reminder of the cutthroat nature of professional sports.

Advice for the Titans

The Titans, under the guidance of Des Hasler, have the potential to transform their fortunes. Hasler‘s proven ability to develop strong defensive structures and create a winning culture will undoubtedly enhance the team’s chances of success. However, it is crucial for the club to provide Hasler with the necessary support and patience required for long-term success.

Building a championship-winning team takes time and consistency. The Titans must be willing to invest in the development of their players and coaching staff, as well as maintain stability within the organization. It is essential to resist the temptation for immediate results and give Hasler the opportunity to implement his strategies and build a solid foundation for sustained success.


The appointment of Des Hasler as the new coach of the Gold Coast Titans has left many surprised and curious about the motives behind Justin Holbrook‘s departure. Hasler‘s track record and experience offer hope for the Titans, as they aim to achieve their promise of winning premierships. However, it is crucial for the club and its supporters to exercise patience and provide the necessary support to allow for long-term success. Only time will tell if Hasler‘s arrival will be the catalyst for the Titans to reach new heights in the NRL.


Redemption at Last: Hasler Takes the Helm of Titans Following Holbrook
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