"Reimagining Gotham: Unveiling the Limited Edition Mondo Batman: The Animated Series Harley Quinn Collectible Figure"batman,harleyquinn,animatedseries,collectiblefigure,limitededition,mondo,gotham,reimagining
"Reimagining Gotham: Unveiling the Limited Edition Mondo Batman: The Animated Series Harley Quinn Collectible Figure"

“Reimagining Gotham: Unveiling the Limited Edition Mondo Batman: The Animated Series Harley Quinn Collectible Figure”

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Harley Quinn: Mondo‘s Spectacular Addition to Batman Collectibles

A Must-Have for fans of Batman: The Animated Series

In the world of collectibles, there’s no shortage of merchandise dedicated to the beloved character Harley Quinn. However, finding high-quality figures that capture the essence of her original design from Batman: The Animated Series has proven to be a challenge. That is, until now. Mondo, a renowned brand in the collectible industry, has released an 11.5-inch figure that perfectly captures the iconic character in all her glory. Boasting incredible detail, numerous accessories, and a faithful adaptation of her original design, this Harley Quinn figure is a must-have for any fan of the show.

A Meticulously Crafted Figure

Designed by Tomasz Rozejowski, with additional sculpting by Alex Brewer and art direction by Hector Arce, Mondo‘s Harley Quinn figure is a testament to the painstaking effort put into recreating the character’s appearance. Bruce Timm’s original design, along with Arleen Sorkin’s unforgettable portrayal, have been faithfully translated into a three-dimensional form. The body sculpt brings Timm’s artwork to life, capturing the essence of Harley’s mischievous and unpredictable nature.

A Plethora of Accessories

What sets this figure apart from others on the market is the astonishing number of accessories it comes with. From different facial expressions to weapons and signature items, Mondo has left no stone unturned in providing fans with the ultimate Harley Quinn experience. Whether you want her to hold a hammer, wear a mask, or brandish her trusty Joker Scepter, this figure offers a variety of options to recreate iconic moments from Batman: The Animated Series.

Unparalleled Packaging Design

Even the packaging of Mondo‘s Harley Quinn figure deserves special mention. The box features stunning artwork by Danny Haas, worthy of display for any collector. The interior flap showcases an image of the figure alongside Harley’s beloved hyenas, Bud and Lou (exclusive to the Timed Edition). While the inclusion of BTAS-inspired posters on the interior flap would have been a welcome addition, the overall package design is still a visual treat.

The Timed Edition – A Collector’s Delight

For the lucky few who managed to snag the Timed Edition of this figure, the rewards are remarkable. Not only do you get the standard figure, but you also receive additional head sculpts and the adorable hyenas, Bud and Lou. These exclusive features significantly enhance the collecting experience and make the Timed Edition particularly sought after. Unfortunately, as the Timed Edition is sold out, the only way to acquire it now is through the second-hand market, where prices are steep.

The Regular Edition – A Worthy Alternative

While the Timed Edition may be out of reach for many collectors, fear not! The regular edition of Mondo‘s Harley Quinn figure is still available and offers exceptional quality at a more affordable price. Although it lacks the exclusive extras of the Timed Edition, the regular edition remains an excellent choice for fans. The craftsmanship and attention to detail remain the same, ensuring that collectors can still enjoy an incredible piece of Batman: The Animated Series history.

Availability and Recommendations

Mondo‘s Harley Quinn figure has quickly become a coveted item among collectors, and rightfully so. For those who were fortunate enough to secure the Timed Edition, congratulations! You’ve acquired a truly exceptional collectible that will undoubtedly appreciate in value. However, for those who missed out, the regular edition is still in stock on Mondo‘s website, albeit without the additional accessories. Nevertheless, it is an excellent investment for fans of Batman: The Animated Series and die-hard Harley Quinn enthusiasts.

If you’re looking to expand your Batman: The Animated Series collection, Mondo offers other figures that perfectly complement Harley Quinn. The Phantasm, Joker, and Catwoman figures are still available and maintain the same level of detail and quality that Mondo‘s Harley Quinn figure delivers. The consistent excellence of these collectibles makes them worthy additions to any fan’s display shelf.

In conclusion, Mondo has once again proven their skill in capturing the essence of beloved characters from Batman: The Animated Series. With unparalleled craftsmanship, a plethora of accessories, and attention to detail, their Harley Quinn figure stands as a testament to their commitment to producing exceptional collectibles. Whether you managed to secure the Timed Edition or opt for the regular edition, this figure is guaranteed to delight fans and collectors alike.


"Reimagining Gotham: Unveiling the Limited Edition Mondo Batman: The Animated Series Harley Quinn Collectible Figure"
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