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Rising Star: A Third-Generation Trailblazer Taking the World by Storm

Rising Star: A Third-Generation Trailblazer Taking the World by Storm

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Third Generation Star Climbing Supercars Ranks on Dick Johnson’s 50th Bathurst Anniversary

A Legacy of Legends

Bathurst, the iconic Australian motorsport event, has been graced by legendary names such as Brock, Perkins, Richards, and Johnson. As the 2023 Bathurst 1000 approaches, the motorsport community is not only celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Great Race at Mount Panorama but also marking the 50th anniversary of Dick Johnson’s maiden start in the event.

Dick Johnson, known for his unwavering loyalty to Ford, made his first Bathurst start in a Holden LJ Torana, finishing an impressive 5th in class alongside his partner Bob Forbes. Johnson’s final Bathurst start came in the 1999 race, where he drove alongside his son Steven. After more than a decade of driving for his father’s team, Steven retired from Supercars racing in 2012.

As the Johnson family reflects on their rich racing history, a new generation is rising through the ranks – Steven’s son, Jett Johnson. At just 18 years old, Jett is now making his mark in the Supercars world.

A Special Moment at Mount Panorama

During a six-car legends parade at Mount Panorama, Jett Johnson had the opportunity to drive his grandfather’s iconic Ford Mustang GT Coupe, the very car that Dick Johnson raced in the 1985 Bathurst 1000 alongside Larry Perkins. The parade also featured other legendary vehicles, such as Peter Brock’s 1986 VK Commodore driven by his son James, Jamie Whincup’s record-breaking car ‘Kate,’ Steven Richards’ father Jim Richards’ 1990 Nissan Skyline, Larry Perkins’ 1993 Bathurst-winning VO Commodore, and Craig Lowndes’ Triple Eight Falcon that secured victory in 2006.

Reflecting on the experience, Dick Johnson expressed his delight, stating, “It certainly brings back a lot of memories…it’s fabulous.” He humorously added, “He’ll probably learn something…it’s not as easy as it used to be, with all the fancy stuff we’ve got on these new cars.”

Climbing the Ranks

Jett Johnson is currently competing in the Super3 class of the Dunlop series, driving an ex-Kelly Racing Nissan Altima. Although the car may not be the most competitive on the track, Jett is focused on consistency and gaining experience behind the wheel. As he continues to navigate the intricacies of Supercar racing, Jett is cautious not to take unnecessary risks.

Looking towards the future, Steven Johnson, Jett’s father, envisions a path for his son that includes joining a bigger team and making the step into the Super2 class. Recognizing the importance of having the right support and equipment, Steven emphasized the need for Jett to have the best possible chance to showcase his talent.

Meanwhile, Steven continues his own racing journey, participating in the Touring Car Masters series and being involved in the Toyota 86 Championship as a Driving Standards Observer. Although he missed the opportunity to race alongside his son in the Bathurst 1000, Steven hasn’t ruled out the possibility of future collaborations through the Wildcard system.

Parity and Fair Competition

As the Supercars community debates the issue of parity, Steven Johnson shared his thoughts on the matter. While admitting that he hasn’t closely followed the ongoing debate, he expressed disappointment in Supercars’ decision to deny Ford’s request for an aero adjustment. Speaking about the upcoming Bathurst 1000, Steven acknowledged that while all competitors have a chance, the Mustangs may not have a fair fighting chance due to the current circumstances. Despite this, he emphasized the importance of giving one’s best in the race and accepting the unpredictable nature of Bathurst.

Conclusion and Future Outlook

The rising star of Jett Johnson, the third-generation Johnson to enter the Supercars ranks, illuminates the rich history and legacy of the Johnson family at Bathurst. As Jett continues to climb through the ranks, it remains to be seen how far his talent and determination will take him.

Looking ahead, it is crucial for Jett to secure the right support, engineering resources, and equipment to fully showcase his potential. With a solid foundation and careful guidance, Jett has the potential to carve out a remarkable career in Supercars and carry on the Johnson family legacy at Bathurst.


Rising Star: A Third-Generation Trailblazer Taking the World by Storm
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