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Saturday Night Live: Pete Davidson drives a solid start to the season

Saturday Night Live: Pete Davidson drives a solid start to the season

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Saturday Night Live Season Premiere: Pete Davidson Shines Amidst Challenges

Saturday Night Live Season Premiere: Pete Davidson Shines Amidst Challenges

The Return of Saturday Night Live

After a tumultuous couple of years, Saturday Night Live (SNL) has finally made its return to our screens. The show has faced significant challenges, including a large turnover in the cast, truncated seasons due to the pandemic, and a recent Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike. Despite these obstacles, SNL is back on track, albeit a few weeks behind its regular schedule.

The ongoing actors’ strike, although unrelated to the recent WGA strike, may pose difficulties in finding hosts for SNL in the near future. However, the show must go on, and SNL has managed to secure former cast member Pete Davidson as the host for the season premiere.

Acknowledging the Gravity of the Situation

In a significant departure from the usual cold open, SNL chose to address the current conflict in the Middle East. Pete Davidson, known for his irreverent humor, took a solemn tone as he acknowledged the suffering in Israel and Gaza. He shared a personal connection to tragedy, reminiscing about his father, a New York City firefighter who lost his life in the 9/11 attacks.

Davidson highlighted the power of comedy in navigating through difficult times and promised to bring some humor to the episode. His ability to strike the right tone and convey sincerity sets the stage for what lies ahead in the show.

Pete Davidson’s Standup Performance

For his monologue, Pete Davidson delivered a new standup set that showcased his unique comedic style. He shared anecdotes about bonding with his sister over Game of Thrones, expressing surprise at the show’s darker elements such as incest. Davidson’s humor also touched on his hometown of Staten Island and his early encounters with encouragement and fame.

Davidson’s standup performance is a reminder that he excels when he can be himself, rather than being confined to scripted sketches. His ability to connect with the audience through personal stories and vulnerabilities adds depth to his comedy.

A Mix of Sketches and Cameos

The season premiere featured a mix of sketches and notable cameos. Davidson made appearances in parodies, musical solipsism, and fictional scenarios that allowed him to showcase his comedic range.

SNL cleverly played catch-up, referencing viral moments from the time they were off the air, such as Davidson’s recent Peacock show, Bupkis, which struggled in popularity. The sketches embraced pop culture references, including a nod to Taylor Swift’s relationship with Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

Weekend Update and Political Commentary

Colin Jost and Michael Che’s Weekend Update segment delved into the current state of the world, highlighting the prevalence of unhinged thoughts and controversial statements, including those from former President Donald Trump. The addition of Christopher Columbus, portrayed by Bowen Yang, sparked discussions about Indigenous Peoples’ Day and historical perspectives.

Political commentary in SNL is expected, but the lack of reference to the chaos in the House of Representatives caused by Republican actions seemed like a missed opportunity. However, the segment still provided laughs and clever comedic delivery.

The Overall Season Premiere

Despite some missed opportunities, the season premiere of SNL was a step above previous ones. The inclusion of notable cameos gave the episode a grand feeling, and the sketches had their fair share of hits and misses. Pete Davidson’s performance throughout the episode showcased his growth as a comedian who shines when he can be himself.

SNL will continue to face challenges, especially with the ongoing actors’ strike. However, the show has a history of adapting to adversity and finding new ways to entertain audiences. As viewers, we can look forward to more laughter and moments that remind us of the power of comedy in navigating through tough times.


Saturday Night Live: Pete Davidson drives a solid start to the season
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