Sparkling Chemistry: Chris Evans and Alba Baptista Embrace the Joys of Married Lifesparklingchemistry,ChrisEvans,AlbaBaptista,marriedlife
Sparkling Chemistry: Chris Evans and Alba Baptista Embrace the Joys of Married Life

Sparkling Chemistry: Chris Evans and Alba Baptista Embrace the Joys of Married Life

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Chris Evans Opens up about Marriage to Alba Baptista

A Joyous Announcement

American actor, Chris Evans, has delighted fans and media alike with the revelation of his recent marriage to Portuguese actress, Alba Baptista. The 42-year-old star, best known for his portrayal of Captain America, publicly confirmed the news during the 2023 New York Comic Con. Sporting a wedding band on his finger, Evans shared his excitement, stating “I got married. It was great.”

A Tale of Two Ceremonies

Evans and Baptista exchanged vows in not just one, but two lavish ceremonies. The first took place in Portugal, embracing Baptista’s heritage, while the second was an intimate affair at a private home in Massachusetts, United States. Describing both ceremonies as “wonderful and beautiful,” Evans expressed gratitude for the love and support they received throughout the planning process.

The Stress of Wedding Planning

In his candid remarks, Evans acknowledged the demanding nature of wedding planning, stating that it took a toll on both him and his new wife. He empathized with other couples, recognizing that the process can be exhausting, affirming, “For those of you who are married, you know it takes a lot out of you.” However, he added that now that the weddings are over, they are enjoying life, savoring the beauty of autumn, which he proclaimed as his favorite season.

Reflection and Relaxation

With the festivities behind them, the newlyweds are now taking time for relaxation and reflection. Beyond the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry, they are focusing on the simple joys of life. The quiet and serene moments offer an opportunity to appreciate the success and connection they have found in their relationship.

Chris Evans’ Theatrical Aspirations

A Broadway Dream

During his appearance at NYCC, Evans also expressed his eagerness to return to Broadway. The stage has always held a special place in his heart, as he began his acting career in high school theatre, honing his craft through many Shakespearean productions. His most recent Broadway performance was in the 2018 revival of the Kenneth Lonergan play, Lobby Hero.

The Challenge of Choosing the Right Project

While Evans has a deep love for the theatrical arts, he acknowledged the difficulty of selecting the right project. Broadway shows typically run for several months, requiring dedication and passion to explore a character from various angles night after night. The actor emphasized that the chosen role must not only be beloved but able to sustain his interest for an extended period. It is a delicate dance between personal affinity and professional commitment.

Musicals: A Passion Left Unfulfilled

Despite his admiration for theatre, Evans revealed that musicals are not in his future. The demanding nature of performing in a musical, with eight shows a week, requires exceptional vocal talent. Evans, while expressing a desire for such a talent, admits that he does not possess the necessary pipes. He humorously lamented, “I don’t have the pipes. I wish I did.”


Chris Evans’ announcement of his marriage to Alba Baptista brought joy to his supporters and showcased his dedication to both his personal and professional lives. The actor’s candid remarks about the stress of wedding planning resonated with many, providing a touch of relatability to his superstar status. Additionally, his aspirations to return to Broadway, while selective, reflect his passion for the stage and the craft of acting. With his talent and charisma, there is no doubt that Evans will continue to captivate audiences, whether on screen or under the gleaming lights of New York City’s theatrical district.


Sparkling Chemistry: Chris Evans and Alba Baptista Embrace the Joys of Married Life
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