Super Mario Bros Wonder review – leveling up the multiplayer experience!SuperMarioBros,Wonder,review,multiplayer,levelingup
Super Mario Bros Wonder review – leveling up the multiplayer experience!

Super Mario Bros Wonder review – leveling up the multiplayer experience!

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Super Mario Bros Wonder: A Multiplayer Delight

Super Mario games have always been designed with multiplayer in mind. From the early days of squabbling over who gets to be Mario or Luigi on the SNES, to the modern iterations that welcome four players onto the same screen, multiplayer has been an integral part of the Mario experience. However, playing multiplayer Mario games with children can often be chaotic and filled with conflict.

Mario Wonder: Solving the Chaos

Enter Super Mario Bros Wonder, a game that aims to alleviate the potential chaos in multiplayer. This beautifully crafted platform game not only retains the classic left-to-right, run-and-jump gameplay, but also introduces clever character balancing and badges that enhance or ameliorate the challenge.

Unlike previous Mario games, where players often get in each other’s way, Super Mario Bros Wonder encourages cooperative gameplay. With the ability to carry other players through levels, Yoshi becomes the ideal choice for inexperienced players. Meanwhile, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, and Toad can still use power-ups and transform into various delightful forms.

Badges play a crucial role in adding both challenge and convenience to the game. Characters can obtain badges that allow them to bounce out of pits or have a floatier jump. Players can also revive each other if someone falls victim to an obstacle, making the game easier to conquer as a team.

Chaotic and Delightful Moments

While Super Mario Bros Wonder aims to reduce conflict in multiplayer, it certainly doesn’t shy away from chaotic and delightful moments. Players can trigger mid-level transformations by finding hidden Wonder Seeds, leading to unpredictable scenarios. These transformations can turn pipes into squiggling worms, summon buffalo stampedes, or even morph players into different creatures. The element of surprise keeps players entertained, as they never know what to expect when touching a Wonder Seed.

This game is a testament to Mario’s wild creativity and imagination. It is filled with brilliant, fun ideas that come and go within minutes, leaving players with a sense of awe and delight. The subtle difference in aesthetic, with a touch of psychedelia, adds to the game’s unique appeal. Gorgeous animation details are scattered throughout, from characters peeking around before emerging from pipes to the amusing expressions on Yoshi’s face when ridden by an elephant.

A Wonderful Introduction to Mario

Super Mario Bros Wonder offers a straightforward and enjoyable experience. There’s no complex story to uncover or intricate rules to learn; it’s pure, instant fun. For long-time Mario fans, there’s a sense of familiarity, but with enough novelty and unexpected twists to keep it fresh. For those new to the world of Mario, whether they are children just getting into gaming or friends and family joining in a multiplayer session, this game serves as a wonderful introduction to the charm and attention to detail that have made Mario a beloved character for nearly three decades.

Super Mario Bros Wonder will be available on Nintendo Switch from October 20.


Super Mario Bros Wonder review – leveling up the multiplayer experience!
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