Priscilla Presley’s Struggles with a Challenging Biopic: A Candid Reflection

Priscilla Presley on why new biopic was ‘very difficult’ for her The Struggles of Priscilla Presley Priscilla Presley, the former wife of rock ‘n’ roll legend Elvis Presley, recently opened up about her experiences and emotions surrounding the production of a new biopic about her life. In a candid reflection, Priscilla revealed that the process […]

“Challenging the Controversial: Freddy’s Defense of Cook’s ‘Unfair’ Call”

Blues Coach Brad Fittler Defends Cook Call Amid Criticism June 22nd, 2023 Brad Fittler, the coach of the New South Wales Blues, is facing increased scrutiny and pressure following a contentious selection decision in game two of the State of Origin series. With center Tom Trbojevic forced off the field due to injury, Fittler had […]