“Rising Concern for Beachgoers: A Closer Look at the Alarming Increase in Shark Attacks in Australia”

The Shocking Shark Attack at Beachport Jetty Details of the Attack The Victim and Emergency Response A woman named Pam Cook was attacked by a shark while participating in an early morning group swim at Beachport in South Australia‘s south-east. The attack occurred near the Beachport Jetty, and emergency services were called to the scene […]

“Killing to Protect: The Ethical Debate Surrounding Shark Attack Responses in Tourist Hotspots”

Tiger Shark Clubbed to Death in Revenge for Killing a Russian Tourist in Hurghada The death of a young Russian tourist in Hurghada, Egypt, due to a shark attack has caused an uproar amongst both tourists and locals. After the attack, witnesses claim that the 10ft long tiger shark went on to toy with the […]