"Terrifying Talent: Melbourne Demons Secure Game-Changing Irish Star"sports,AFL,MelbourneDemons,Irishtalent,game-changer
"Terrifying Talent: Melbourne Demons Secure Game-Changing Irish Star"

“Terrifying Talent: Melbourne Demons Secure Game-Changing Irish Star”

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Aimee Mackin Joins Sister Blaithin in Melbourne Side: AFLW 2023


In an exciting development for the Melbourne Demons, Aimee Mackin, the sister of premiership player Blaithin Mackin, will make her AFLW debut alongside her sister. The Demons have been dominant in their start to the season, boasting a forward line that has outscored every other team in the competition. With the addition of Mackin, who has showcased her goal-scoring prowess in Gaelic football, the Demons’ attack is set to become even more formidable. Mackin’s debut is anticipated to strike fear into opposing defenders, as her speed and skills have been recognized by her teammates. This article examines the significance of Mackin’s debut and the impact it may have on the team’s performance.

Adding Firepower to the Forward Line

The Melbourne Demons’ forward line has been a force to be reckoned with in the early stages of the season. They have averaged 20 more points per game than the next best team, making them the highest-scoring side in AFLW history over a three-game period. With Mackin’s arrival, the team gains not only a talented player but also a prolific goal scorer. Mackin’s performance in Gaelic football, where she led her county Armagh to a league title with a hat-trick of goals, demonstrates her ability to find the back of the net. This addition of firepower to an already potent forward line is a cause for concern for opposing teams.

The Mackin Sisters: A Lethal Combination

Blaithin Mackin, Aimee’s older sister, made a significant impact in her debut season with Melbourne last year. Her speed and competitiveness transformed the team’s dynamic and helped them secure the premiership. Now, with Aimee joining the Demons, the prospect of facing the Mackin sisters on the field is viewed as “scary” by their teammates. The sisters’ combination of speed, skill, and goal-scoring ability make them a formidable force that opponents will struggle to contain. The Demons’ leading goalkicker, Kate Hore, expressed her excitement about Aimee’s addition to the team, highlighting her speed as a key asset that will further enhance the team’s attacking prowess.

A Journey to Australia

Aimee Mackin’s journey to Melbourne has been filled with determination and excitement. Despite arriving with a hamstring tear and missing the practice games, Mackin has spent three weeks of intense training to regain her fitness. Additionally, she has been kicking the Sherrin and honing her ball-handling skills alongside her sister back in Ireland. Mackin’s dedication to her craft is evident, and her desire to be a part of the Melbourne club was fueled by witnessing her sister’s success and the team’s premiership victory last year. The tight bond between the Mackin sisters has made the decision to move away from their family easier, as they have each other for support in their new environment.

Irish Talent on the AFLW Stage

Aimee Mackin joins a growing list of talented Irish athletes making their mark in the AFLW. Players like Aishling Moloney from Geelong have shown that the transition from Gaelic football to Australian Rules football can be successful. The ability for these athletes to continue playing for their Irish clubs during the AFLW offseason has allowed them to maintain their skills and fitness levels, providing them with a smooth transition into the Australian game. This exchange of talent between Ireland and Australia enriches the sport and adds a unique flavor to the AFLW competition.

A Word of Advice

As Aimee Mackin prepares to make her AFLW debut, she emphasizes the importance of enjoying every moment of the experience. The fast-paced nature of the game means that her debut will fly by, and she wants to savor every minute on the field. This advice extends beyond Mackin herself and serves as a reminder to all athletes to appreciate the opportunities they have and to make the most of every game. It is in these fleeting moments that lifelong memories are made, and Mackin’s words serve as a poignant reminder of the joy that can be found in sport.


Aimee Mackin’s AFLW debut alongside her sister Blaithin is a significant moment for the Melbourne Demons. The addition of Mackin’s goal-scoring prowess to an already dominant forward line is a cause for concern for opponents. The Mackin sisters’ combination of speed, skill, and competitiveness creates a daunting prospect for opposing teams. As the AFLW continues to attract talented Irish recruits, the sport benefits from the diverse skills and experiences they bring. Mackin’s journey to Australia exemplifies the determination and dedication required to succeed in a new sport and country. Her debut serves as a reminder to all athletes to cherish and make the most of their moments on the field.


"Terrifying Talent: Melbourne Demons Secure Game-Changing Irish Star"
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