The Battle Down Under: Catch the South Africa vs. Ireland Rugby Live Streamwordpress,livestream,SouthAfrica,Ireland,rugby
The Battle Down Under: Catch the South Africa vs. Ireland Rugby Live Stream

The Battle Down Under: Catch the South Africa vs. Ireland Rugby Live Stream

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2023 Rugby World Cup: South Africa vs. Ireland – A Clash of Rugby Titans


The 2023 Rugby World Cup is well underway, and one of the most anticipated matches of the tournament is set to take place this weekend between South Africa and Ireland. Both teams have showcased their dominance in previous matches, and rugby fans around the world are eagerly awaiting this clash of the titans. In this report, we will provide a comprehensive guide on how to watch the South Africa vs. Ireland match, discuss the teams’ recent performances, and offer some insights into the Rugby World Cup schedule.

South Africa: Defending Champions in Terrific Form

As the defending champions, South Africa has lived up to the high expectations placed upon them. The team has displayed their prowess on the field by defeating a strong Scottish side and achieving a resounding victory over Romania in the group stage. Additionally, South Africa has triumphed over strong opponents like Wales and New Zealand in their warm-up games held in August. This impressive form has solidified their position as top contenders in this year’s tournament.

Ireland: Third-Favorites with a Dominant Performance

Ireland, the third-favorites in the Rugby World Cup, have also showcased their dominance leading up to the South Africa match. They displayed an outstanding performance in this year’s Six Nations, dominating their opponents. Although their recent win against Samoa was not as emphatic as expected, their victory against Romania with a scoreline of 82-8 demonstrates their ability to perform under pressure. With a talented squad and exceptional coaching staff, Ireland poses a formidable challenge to South Africa.

How to Watch the South Africa vs. Ireland Match

For rugby enthusiasts eager to catch this exciting match, there are several options available. Those residing in the United Kingdom can watch the game for free on ITVX, which is offering live streams of all matches in the Rugby World Cup. While ITVX is region-locked to the UK, viewers can bypass this restriction by using a VPN (virtual private network) to access the streaming service.

Viewers in the United States can watch the match live on NBC’s Peacock streaming service, which offers coverage of all Rugby World Cup games. Alternatively, by using a VPN, they can also access ITVX and watch the match for free.

In Australia, the match will be available for streaming on Stan Sport, which offers a 30-day free trial along with a $15 monthly subscription for the Stan Sport add-on. Additionally, 9Now will provide free coverage of the national team games and the final.

Rugby World Cup Schedule

Here is a schedule of upcoming Rugby World Cup matches, including the South Africa vs. Ireland match:

– Georgia vs. Portugal
– England vs. Chile
– South Africa vs. Ireland
– Scotland vs. Tonga
– Wales vs. Australia
– Uruguay vs. Namibia
– Japan vs. Samoa
– New Zealand vs. Italy
– Argentina vs. Chile
– Fiji vs. Georgia
– Scotland vs. Romania
– Australia vs. Portugal
– South Africa vs. Tonga
– New Zealand vs. Uruguay
– France vs. Italy
– Wales vs. Georgia
– England vs. Samoa
Ireland vs. Scotland
– Japan vs. Argentina
– Tonga vs. Romania
– Fiji vs. Portugal
– France vs. New Zealand

The schedule continues with various quarter-finals, semi-finals, the bronze final, and ultimately the final match on October 28th. These matches promise exciting rugby action and will determine the future winners of this prestigious tournament.


The South Africa vs. Ireland match in the 2023 Rugby World Cup is a highly anticipated clash between two formidable teams. Both South Africa and Ireland have demonstrated their strength and dominance in previous matches, making this encounter a must-watch for rugby enthusiasts around the world. By utilizing streaming services such as ITVX, Peacock, and Stan Sport, viewers can enjoy the live-action and witness the pinnacle of rugby excellence. With the tournament in full swing, rugby fans can look forward to thrilling matches that celebrate the spirit of the sport.


The Battle Down Under: Catch the South Africa vs. Ireland Rugby Live Stream
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