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The Brazilian Impact: Leaving a Lasting Trace in MLS

The Brazilian Impact: Leaving a Lasting Trace in MLS

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The Brazilian Legacy: Shaping the MLS Landscape

A Remarkable Contribution from Brazil

In a released list compiled by the MLS Multiplex, the top 10 Brazilian players with the most appearances in the history of Major League Soccer (MLS) have been unveiled. This list not only reflects their statistical accomplishments but also pays tribute to these players who have profoundly influenced the soccer landscape in the United States and Canada.

Enriching the Game

Names like Felipe Martins, Paulo Nagamura, and Marcelo Saragosa, among others, have simply become synonymous with the MLS. Over the years, these Brazilian athletes have transcended language and cultural barriers to establish themselves as key pillars within their respective MLS clubs. Their refined technique and innate talent have not only enriched the league but also contributed to the growing popularity of soccer in the United States.

Cultural Exchange and Development

The lasting impact of these Brazilian players goes beyond their on-field performance. Their presence has allowed American fans to experience firsthand the passion and inherent ability associated with Brazilian soccer. This cultural exchange has fostered a deeper appreciation for the sport and has played a significant role in its continued growth and global recognition.

The Top 10 Brazilian Players in MLS

Player Position Clubs Matches
Felipe Martins Central Midfielder 6 Clubs 323 matches
Paulo Nagamura Central Midfielder 4 Clubs 252 matches
Juninho Central Midfielder 2 Clubs 210 matches
Artur Midfielder 2 Clubs 168 matches
Marcelo Sarvas Midfielder 3 Clubs 166 matches
Alex Lima Central Midfielder 2 Clubs 153 matches
Wélton Striker 3 Clubs 144 matches
Jackson Right Midfielder 2 Clubs 143 matches
Marcelo Saragosa Central Midfielder 4 Clubs 140 matches
Leonardo Defender 2 Clubs 139 matches

Legacy and Inspiration

As these Brazilian soccer icons continue to make history in the MLS, it is essential to acknowledge the vital role they played in promoting the sport in new territories and laying a solid foundation for its growth in the United States. Their legacy serves as an inspiration for future generations of players, both Brazilian and from other nationalities, who aspire to leave their own lasting mark on the world of soccer.


The Brazilian influence in the MLS has been a game-changer. These players have brought their exceptional skills, passion, and love for the sport to American soil, elevating the standards and raising the excitement level of soccer in the country. Their contributions serve as a testament to the power of cultural exchange and the impact it can have on the development of sports globally.

As we continue to witness the rise of new international players in the MLS, it is crucial to celebrate the rich legacy left by Brazilian athletes and recognize the transformative effect they have had on the American soccer landscape. Their success stories should motivate and inspire players from all backgrounds to pursue their dreams and leave their mark on the beautiful game.


The Brazilian Impact: Leaving a Lasting Trace in MLS
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