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The New Era: Italy and Turkey Secure Euro 2032 as UK Misses Out

The New Era: Italy and Turkey Secure Euro 2032 as UK Misses Out

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UEFA Accepts ItalyTurkey Co-Host Bid for Euro 2032, Leaving UK-Ireland as the Only Candidate for 2028


The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) has confirmed the long-expected host for the European Championship in both 2028 and 2032. UEFA has formally accepted a joint bid proposal from Italy and Turkey for the 2032 edition, while the UK and Ireland remain as the sole candidate for the 2028 edition. The hosting decisions will be formally approved by the UEFA executive committee in the upcoming meeting in Nyon, Switzerland. This development raises questions as to the adherence of UEFA’s own co-hosting rules and the challenges faced by the respective countries in meeting the requirements for hosting such a prestigious tournament.

Neighboring Hosts?

UEFA’s decision to accept the ItalyTurkey bid for Euro 2032 is intriguing considering the governing body’s own criteria that only neighboring member federations can propose co-hosting. Rome and Istanbul are separated by a considerable distance of about 1,400 kilometers (870 miles), requiring flights that take more than two hours. This departure from their rule has raised eyebrows, leading some to question the fairness and transparency of the selection process.

Italy‘s Prospects and Challenges

Italy‘s bid to co-host Euro 2032 with Turkey likely had support within the UEFA ruling committee, as it emerged victorious in a head-to-head vote against Turkey. However, Italy faces significant challenges in terms of infrastructure. The country does not currently have the required 10 stadiums ready or in the planning stages to host a 24-team, 51-game tournament. The task of building and renovating an aging inventory of stadiums is further complicated by bureaucratic processes and slow construction projects. For instance, the renovation of the iconic San Siro stadium in Milan and Stadio Olimpico in Rome can be time-consuming and hinder the progress of preparations.

Turkey‘s Advantages

On the other hand, Turkey seems to possess the necessary stadiums and infrastructure to successfully host the tournament. The country has made significant investments in the last two decades to improve their sporting facilities, resulting in a national construction project that has left stadiums and infrastructure almost entirely ready for major events. This readiness gives Turkey an edge over Italy in terms of preparations.

Euro 2024 Hosting and Future Implications

Looking ahead, Germany is set to host Euro 2024 on its own. The decision to award the hosting rights to Germany alone could be attributed to their strong sporting infrastructure and proven ability to successfully host major events. With the UK-Ireland bid being the only remaining candidate for Euro 2028, it appears likely that they will secure the hosting rights for that edition. However, UEFA’s decision to accept Italy and Turkey as co-hosts for Euro 2032 raises questions about the future trajectory of hosting requirements and regulations in European football.

Editorial and Advice

UEFA’s acceptance of the ItalyTurkey co-hosting bid for Euro 2032, despite their own rules on neighboring hosts, has created uncertainty and potentially compromised the fairness of the bidding process. The governing body should take this opportunity to review and clarify their regulations to ensure transparency and integrity in future bid evaluations.

For Italy, it is crucial to accelerate their stadium construction and renovation projects to meet the requirements for hosting Euro 2032. Streamlining bureaucratic processes and fostering cooperation between relevant authorities can expedite these necessary preparations. Italy has a rich footballing history, and successfully hosting a major tournament would be a tremendous opportunity to showcase their passion and love for the game.

Turkey, on the other hand, should use this endorsement as motivation to continue their efforts in maintaining and improving their already robust sports infrastructure. By focusing on the successful execution of Euro 2032 and addressing any potential logistic challenges, Turkey can cement its position as a reliable and attractive host for future international events.

In conclusion, the decision by UEFA to accept the ItalyTurkey co-host bid for Euro 2032, while leaving the UK-Ireland as the only candidate for 2028, has sparked debate and scrutiny. The process raises concerns about adherence to UEFA’s own regulations and highlights the contrasting challenges faced by the bidding countries. Moving forward, UEFA must ensure that its rules are consistently applied and transparently enforced to uphold the integrity of the bid evaluation process.


The New Era: Italy and Turkey Secure Euro 2032 as UK Misses Out
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