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The Next Generation of Shredders: Riley, Spencer, Keegan, and Kadence Hawk

The Next Generation of Shredders: Riley, Spencer, Keegan, and Kadence Hawk

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Celebrity Parents Tony Hawk’s 4 Kids: All About Riley, Spencer, Keegan and Kadence

Riley Hawk, 30

Tony Hawk and his ex-wife Cindy Dunbar welcomed their first child, Hudson Riley Hawk, in 1992. Riley, as he prefers to be called, has been with Tony throughout his various relationships and challenges. Despite growing up in a complex family dynamic, Riley has followed in his father’s footsteps as a professional skateboarder. Not only does he excel in skateboarding, but he is also a model, lead singer of a punk band, and the founder of a coffee shop brand.

Riley’s skateboarding style differs from his father’s, focusing more on street skating and utilizing the environment in unique and creative ways. Tony expressed that Riley had to overcome claims of nepotism early on in his career. However, his talent and originality have prevailed, and he has carved out his own path in the skateboarding world.

In 2023, Riley married Frances Bean Cobain, the daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. Their relationship has brought them both a great amount of joy, as confirmed by Frances on Instagram.

Spencer Hawk, 24

Tony and his second wife, Erin Lee, had their first son, Spencer Anthony Hawk, in 1999. While Spencer enjoys skateboarding for fun, his true passion lies in music. Influenced by artists like Skrillex and Deadmau5, Spencer started releasing his electronic music under the name Gupi in 2016. In 2021, he graduated from Berklee College of Music, and his father expressed his pride in an Instagram post.

Spencer, together with fellow hyperpop artist Fraxiom, forms the hyperpop duo Food House. He has made a conscious effort to separate his music career from his father’s name and financial support, wanting to establish his own accomplishments without any sense of inauthenticity. Spencer’s dedication to his craft has earned him respect in the music industry.

Keegan Hawk, 22

Tony and Erin welcomed their second child, Keegan Hawk, in 2001. Keegan is described as a “fiery” and “thinker” by Tony, and he has displayed those traits throughout his life. Apart from skateboarding, Keegan has developed a passion for photography, sharing his nature and skateboarding shots on Instagram.

Keegan’s photography skills have influenced the family’s vacations, as he often searches for unique locations to capture breathtaking images. He has also taken after his father in skateboarding, and Tony expressed his joy in seeing all three of his sons embracing the sport.

Kadence Hawk, 15

Tony welcomed his only daughter, Kadence Clover Hawk, with then-wife Lhotse Merriam in 2008. Kadence quickly showed an interest in skateboarding at a young age, following in her father’s footsteps. Her three older brothers have a special connection with her, with Tony noting the similarities between her and Keegan’s personalities.

Despite being the daughter of a skating legend, Kadence has also pursued other interests, such as lacrosse. She has even attempted to teach her father the rules of the sport. Tony expressed his pride and admiration for his daughter’s growth and talents, looking forward to what the future holds for her.

Philosophical discussion

The story of Tony Hawk’s children showcases the complexities and challenges that often accompany being raised in the shadows of a famous parent. Riley, Spencer, Keegan, and Kadence have had to navigate their own paths while grappling with the expectations and comparisons that come with having a skateboarding legend as a father.

The concept of identity is particularly salient in this context. Riley Hawk, despite sharing his father’s last name, has worked hard to establish his own name and reputation within the skateboarding community. He has proven his own talent, creativity, and originality, shattering any doubts of nepotism. This raises questions about the balance between individuality and heritage, and how one can carve out their own identity while acknowledging their familial connections.

Similarly, Spencer Hawk’s determination to dissociate his music career from his father’s name demonstrates the desire to be recognized for one’s own merits, without relying on external support or associations. Achieving success based solely on personal accomplishments adds a sense of authenticity and validation to one’s journey.

Keegan Hawk’s pursuit of photography as a passion illustrates the importance of self-expression and finding one’s creative outlet. In his case, photography has not only become a means of artistic expression but has also influenced the family’s experiences and explorations. It showcases the transformative power of pursuing one’s interests and the influence it can have on others.

Kadence Hawk’s story highlights the resilience and determination that can develop in the face of challenges. Growing up in a male-dominated skateboarding world, Kadence has fearlessly embraced the sport and shown her own abilities. Her journey challenges traditional gender norms and demonstrates the importance of pursuing one’s passions regardless of societal expectations.


The Hawk family’s story reminds us that even for celebrities, the experience of raising children is not always glamorous or easy. Tony Hawk himself has acknowledged the struggles and sacrifices he has made to be present in his children’s lives while juggling a successful career.

His emphasis on being emotionally supportive and valuing quality time with his family reflects the importance of balancing work and personal life. It serves as a reminder to prioritise relationships and the well-being of loved ones over professional achievements. Tony Hawk’s dedication to his children’s happiness and growth is commendable and can serve as an inspiration to others.

Furthermore, the Hawk children’s diverse interests and pursuits highlight the importance of nurturing individual passions and encouraging personal growth. Tony Hawk’s unconditional support for his children’s endeavors, whether it be skateboarding, music, or photography, exemplifies the role of parents in fostering and nurturing their children’s talents and interests.


For parents in similar situations, it is crucial to foster an environment that allows children to explore their own interests and identities while providing support and guidance. Recognizing their individuality and encouraging them to pursue their passions can lead to personal fulfillment and a stronger sense of self.

It is also important to strike a balance between career ambitions and family commitments. Tony Hawk’s example teaches us the significance of making time for loved ones and prioritizing their emotional well-being, even amidst a demanding professional life.

Finally, it is essential to challenge societal expectations and norms, particularly when it comes to gender roles. By supporting and encouraging children to explore activities outside of traditional gender boundaries, parents can help break down stereotypes and create a more inclusive and accepting society.

Overall, the story of Tony Hawk and his children serves as a testament to the power of parental support, individuality, and pursuing one’s passions. It reminds us that despite fame and success, family remains a central pillar in our lives, shaping our experiences and defining our relationships.


The Next Generation of Shredders: Riley, Spencer, Keegan, and Kadence Hawk
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