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The Remarkable 14,000km Journey of a Voice Campaigner for Marriage Equality

The Remarkable 14,000km Journey of a Voice Campaigner for Marriage Equality

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Pat Farmer finishes 14,400km Run for the Voice in Uluru ahead of referendum


In a remarkable display of determination and advocacy, Pat Farmer, an ultra-marathon runner and former Liberal MP, has completed a six-month, 14,400km run across Australia in support of the Voice to Parliament. Farmer’s journey concluded at the base of Uluru, just three days before the Voice to Parliament referendum. This significant run has not only raised awareness for the Yes campaign but has also sparked important conversations about Indigenous culture, connection to the land, and the need for empathy and understanding.

A Spiritual Connection to Uluru

Uluru, the symbolic heart of Australia, holds immense spiritual significance to Indigenous communities. It was at Uluru in 2017 that the Uluru Statement from the Heart was signed, calling for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament to be enshrined in the constitution. Farmer described Uluru as a “magnet” to his soul and expressed a profound sense of connection to the land and its inhabitants. He urged all Australians to embrace and learn from the Indigenous culture that is integral to Australia, emphasizing the importance of loving and respecting the country we call home.

The Impact of Pat Farmer’s Journey

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese commended Pat Farmer’s contribution to the Yes campaign, stating that “no one has done more” than Farmer. Albanese highlighted the inspiration and motivation that Farmer has provided to Australians, urging them to vote ‘yes’ in the upcoming referendum. Farmer’s run has served as a symbolic gesture, asking Australians to take a few steps to support the Voice to Parliament by casting their vote. Albanese expressed his admiration for Farmer’s commitment and emphasized the potential for positive change that lies in recognizing and listening to the First Australians.

The Power of Empathy and Understanding

During his run, Pat Farmer had the opportunity to engage with thousands of Australians and listen to their perspectives. He shared the words of an Indigenous leader in Adelaide who emphasized the need for empathy, rather than sympathy, when addressing the issues faced by Indigenous communities. Farmer stressed the importance of understanding what it is like to walk in someone else’s shoes, to live without, and to comprehend the urgency in closing the gap. He passionately called upon Australians to vote ‘yes’ in the referendum, emphasizing that it is an opportunity to change history for the better, not only for current generations but for future ones as well.

Australia’s Forward Momentum

Referencing Australia’s national coat of arms, which features the kangaroo and the emu, Pat Farmer drew attention to the significance of these native animals that can only move forward, unable to walk backwards. He called upon Australians to embrace this symbolism and recognize that as a nation, they do not take backward steps. Farmer urged Australians to learn from the mistakes of the past, correct them, and move forward together as a united and inclusive nation.


Pat Farmer’s monumental run across Australia in support of the Voice to Parliament campaign has brought attention to the importance of Indigenous representation and the need for empathy and understanding in addressing the challenges faced by Indigenous communities. As Australians prepare to vote in the referendum, Farmer’s advocacy serves as a rallying call to embrace a more inclusive and respectful future for all Australians. With the power to change history, Australians have the opportunity to recognize and listen to the First Australians, allowing the nation to move forward in a positive and progressive way.


The Remarkable 14,000km Journey of a Voice Campaigner for Marriage Equality
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