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The Rise of Digital Learning: Edtech Giant Welcomes New CEO

The Rise of Digital Learning: Edtech Giant Welcomes New CEO

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Education Perfect appoints new CEO to support global expansion and advance equitable access to education


Education Perfect, the leading EdTech organization in Australia and New Zealand, has announced the appointment of Jonathan Morgan as its new CEO. The appointment comes as the company aims to drive its global expansion and further its mission to provide equitable access to education for students around the world. Morgan, with his extensive experience in operational business roles and leading SaaS businesses, is set to lead Education Perfect into its next stage of growth.

Jonathan Morgan: A seasoned leader with a wealth of experience

Jonathan Morgan brings more than 24 years of experience in operational business roles to Education Perfect. His expertise in leading and supporting the success of SaaS businesses, demonstrated in his role as Chief Growth Officer at Symend, will undoubtedly contribute to the organization’s growth. Prior to that, Morgan served as CEO of cloud-based mobile messaging company OpenMarket for over 10 years.

Morgan’s professional journey spans global engineering, technology, and marketing organizations across Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. His diverse background and international experience make him well-suited to lead Education Perfect’s global expansion efforts.

Education Perfect’s mission and global scale

Education Perfect is a leading learning, assessment, and analytics platform in Australia and New Zealand. With a strong foothold in the EdTech sector, the organization serves over 5,000 schools and 1.8 million students worldwide. Recent survey results indicate that 98% of teachers believe Education Perfect provides tools that adapt to the needs of every student, ultimately saving teachers time and improving learning outcomes.

The appointment of Jonathan Morgan as CEO is a crucial step for Education Perfect in achieving its long-term expansion goals. The organization is committed to delivering impact and basing its efforts on evidence-based research. With Morgan at the helm, Education Perfect aims to maximize the reach and effectiveness of its products, supporting teachers in driving the best outcomes for their students on an international scale.

Support from the Education Perfect Board

Helen Souness, Board Chair at Education Perfect, expressed her excitement about Jonathan Morgan’s appointment. Souness emphasized the importance of finding a seasoned software as a service leader who could drive growth and lead highly engaged geographically dispersed teams. She highlighted Morgan’s strong affinity with teachers and his alignment with the organization’s mission to provide content, insights, and the necessary resources to deliver the best learning outcomes for K-12 students. The board is confident that Morgan will successfully lead Education Perfect through its next stage of growth and global scale.

Jonathan Morgan’s dedication to education

Jonathan Morgan, who recently relocated to Australia with his family, expressed his gratitude for being chosen to lead Education Perfect into an exciting new chapter. Having a personal connection to the education sector, with his wife working in education and his own children attending school, Morgan sees this role as an opportunity to give back to the community. He is passionate about working with people and believes in reinvesting in the team to achieve the organization’s vision. Morgan is eager to work alongside a team that shares the same values and aims to make a difference in education.

Expert endorsements

George Aitken, Managing Director at global investment firm KKR, lauded Jonathan Morgan as the ideal leader to propel Education Perfect into its next phase of growth. Aitken cited Morgan’s track record in supporting fast-growing SaaS businesses, his extensive international experience, and his passion for education as the driving factors behind his selection. Aitken expressed confidence in Morgan’s commitment to driving innovation on behalf of teachers and students. KKR welcomes Morgan’s appointment and wishes him success during this exciting time for Education Perfect.

In conclusion

The appointment of Jonathan Morgan as CEO of Education Perfect marks an important milestone for the organization. With his vast experience in operational business roles and leading SaaS businesses, Morgan is well-positioned to drive Education Perfect’s global expansion and advance equitable access to education. As the organization continues to support teachers and students in achieving the best learning outcomes, the industry eagerly anticipates the positive impact Education Perfect will have on the education sector on a global scale.


The Rise of Digital Learning: Edtech Giant Welcomes New CEO
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