The Theatrical Journey of Betty Who: From Pop Princess to Broadway Starpopmusic,Broadway,BettyWho,theatricaljourney
The Theatrical Journey of Betty Who: From Pop Princess to Broadway Star

The Theatrical Journey of Betty Who: From Pop Princess to Broadway Star

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Betty Who’s Theatrical Journey: From Pop Music to Broadway

An Unconventional Casting

When it comes to casting a larger-than-life god on Broadway, why not turn to the world of pop stars? That’s exactly what happened with the hit musical “Hadestown,” which found its Persephone in the talented singer-songwriter Betty Who. With her fresh face and undeniable talent, Who brought a new energy to the role of the Greek goddess of spring and queen of the underworld. And despite it being her first professional acting gig, she seamlessly stepped into the edgy mythological musical without even needing to audition.

A Childhood Dream Realized

For Who, this Broadway debut was not just a career milestone, but also a childhood dream come true. As a child, she was inspired by both theater and pop stardom, with her love for the theater fueled by her mom taking her to see shows. To now have the opportunity to perform on Broadway, while also acting in a show she loves so much, is undoubtedly a pinch-me moment for Who. In fact, she hilariously refers to it as the “NFL of showbiz” and compares it to competing in the Olympics with only two weeks of training.

A Newfound Love for Acting

Who’s transition from pop music to Broadway has not only fulfilled a lifelong dream but also revealed a newfound love for acting. Despite her initial fears and anxieties, she discovered a deep passion for the craft and found herself completely in love with the experience. The vulnerability of performing onstage every night and the immersive nature of the role have captivated her in ways she never expected. It seems that giving herself over to this new artistic endeavor has unleashed a side of her that she never knew existed.

Navigating the Challenges of the Stage

Transitioning from concert performances to Broadway has brought its own set of challenges for Who. The language and articulation required for a stage performance have been a consistent note during rehearsals, highlighting the differences between singing in concert and delivering information-heavy lyrics onstage. However, Who has embraced this challenge, using her larger-than-life presence and performance style to bring a unique and captivating portrayal of the otherworldly goddess Persephone.

An Uneven Height Difference

One humorous challenge that Who faces onstage is the height difference between her and the actor playing Hades. During a particular dance routine, their heads rest on each other’s shoulders, causing discomfort for Who due to the significant height difference. Finding a balance in their physical positions has been an ongoing effort, but the chemistry and connection between the actors have made these moments worth it, especially when their performances elicit emotional responses from the audience.

Discovering New Aspects of Herself

Through her theatrical journey, Who has discovered new aspects of herself and her artistry. Opening night made her realize that she is completely in love with acting, despite any initial fears or doubts. The exhaustion of eight-show weeks and the intense dedication required have tested her resilience, but her touring background has prepared her to persevere. She now values her precious Mondays, the sole day off from the theater, as they reignite her excitement to return to the stage.

Future Aspirations in the Acting World

With her newfound love for acting, Who is looking to explore more opportunities in the world of film and television. While she acknowledges that her instincts may be better suited for these mediums, she is determined to unlearn certain habits developed through auditions and coaching. Additionally, she has expressed a desire to write musicals in the future, a venture that she sees as inevitable. This journey has taught her to embrace uncertainty and trust in the universe to guide her path.


Betty Who’s leap from the world of pop music to the Broadway stage has been met with resounding success. Her portrayal of Persephone in “Hadestown” has not only showcased her immense talent but also brought a fresh perspective to the character. Who’s journey serves as an inspiration, reminding us all to pursue our childhood dreams and embrace new artistic endeavors. With her newfound love for acting and her vibrant energy, we can only anticipate greater heights for Betty Who in the future.


The Theatrical Journey of Betty Who: From Pop Princess to Broadway Star
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